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Rewarding customer loyalty in a targeted manner: Innovative customer loyalty at the Sorger bakery

In 2020, the Sorger bakery, where decades of baking tradition and craftsmanship meet a passion for innovation, took a new approach to customer loyalty.

With its own loyalty club app including a rewards function, the aim was not only to create additional incentives for existing customers to make repeat purchases, but also to effectively attract new customers.

The implementation with the hello again team took place within a few weeks after initial planning: It took less than two months to set up the app and launch versions 1.0 in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In addition to the core function of the rewards system, the Bäckerei Sorger app now includes the following functions:

  • Loyalty club with a wide range of rewards, from a bread roll to an organic Kraftweckerl to a full breakfast or lunch dish

  • Pre-order function and separate "order bread rolls" feature

  • Branch finder and current offers and news from the branches

  • Integration of videos and the Sorger bakery blog

  • Connection to the company's career portal

Many regularly active app users and a very positive average app rating show that the customer loyalty app is extremely popular with Sorger customers.

Bäckerei Sorger
Simple app setup. Ongoing support.

The Sorger bakery's path to its own customer loyalty app.



Our simple onboarding process accompanied the Sorger bakery team from the signing of the deal to the launch of their own app.

The app appeared in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after a few months of development and ongoing updates on the progress of development.



Because the success of the Sorger bakery app takes centre stage, we use our experience from over 800 customer projects to push the app:

Through regular innovations, updates and optimisation suggestions - for example in the form of live webinars - the Sorger bakery gets the best out of the app together with hello again.


Help Center.

The comprehensive help centre with user manual, instructions for app optimisation and videos on numerous topics is available around the clock for quick help.

This allows the Sorger bakery team to take the initiative and optimise, expand and improve the app independently.


Ongoing Support.

The hello again app support team is always available for the Sorger bakery if required.

Together, we ensure that both the company and the users of the app are offered the greatest possible added value through effective, digital customer loyalty.

Because we believe that customer loyalty must be valuable for all sides!

Take a look for yourself at the Sorger bakery app.

Thomas Kohl | Brand Manager

Bakery Sorger

Innovation beim Bäcker: Moderne Technik trifft traditionelle Werte

Thanks to the feedback function, we usually receive feedback directly after the customers visit about their satisfaction. This gives us the possibility to react immediately if something is not right.

The time for digitalization has come.

That's why stamp cards are out of date.

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