Resch&Frisch (bakery, gastronomy)

Direct communication with customers and evaluations at the branch level

The goal

Resch&Frisch was unable to communicate with its customers via the old school offline stamp cards used up to the present. Besides, mainly elderly customers used these cards. Resch&Frisch  wanted to address the Y & Z generation, too, as well as reduce the administrative workload and increase data quality.

The solution

With Resch&Frisch, hello again establishes a new customer loyalty tool in the form of a tailor-made app, which covers all of the above and much more: Customers can choose from different premiums and are indulged with offers suitable for them. Resch&Frisch can now communicate with its clients precisely. The advantage for customers is that they can collect loyalty points not only with each purchase but also with activities individually determined by Resch&Frisch, e.g. inviting friends to the loyalty club or evaluating the service.

It is Resch&Frisch’s ambition is to do more than just satisfying its customers: they obtain direct customer feedback via their app.  Branch reports help to maintain the service level in all branches. The Resch&Frisch app not only simplifies customer relationship management but also reduces the amount of work: In the past, shopkeepers had to enter the stamp cards manually- now this all happens in the app. Communication with the customer has also been automated and now takes place individually, situation-specific and consistently.

The introduction of a new customer loyalty program enabled us to address a younger target demographic and establish consistent communication with our customers. We see great potential for the future through the on-going development of the digital solution from hello again


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