Figaro Uno (hairdresser)

Focusing on the essentials

The goal

Figaro Uno wanted to focus on the most important things: to stay in touch with their customers and meet their needs. Stamp cards have been long posed challenges for the hairdressing businesses, as the customers often forgot or lost them. The incentive for customers to buy additional products was just also not there. This should now be a thing of the past and a digital solution should reduce and simplify these challenges. It is also important to create an incentive for customers to buy additional products and additional services.

The goal was not only to digitize the stamp card but also to create a tool that would accurately evaluate and analyse customer behaviour.

The solution

Figaro Uno implemented its own app powered by hello again with an integrated bonus system. The previous classic stamp card was replaced by a digital loyalty club. Customers can now collect loyalty points not only through regular visits to the hairdresser, but also through ratings or interactions on Facebook.

Through the simple and digital login to the app, customers are immediately identified, and Figaro Uno can now communicate directly with customers. The tailor-made app thus facilitates contact with the customer. Figaro Uno can set targeted bonuses and see immediately how and when customers redeem them. This is where the evaluation tool from hello again comes into play. It precisely analyses the purchasing behaviour of the customers and facilitates direct communication with them.

In addition, Figaro Uno uses the digital loyalty club to inform its customers about promotions and provide them with important information. This strengthens customer loyalty and customer trust. The Figaro Uno app also plays an important role in personnel recruitment.

Figaro Uno
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The app now makes it easier for us to contact our customers - we can set targeted premiums and see immediately how they are redeemed by our customers.

Hartmann Leichtfried, Managing Director of Figaro Uno

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