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Success Story | L'Osteria

Digital customer loyalty with lots of Amore: L'Osteria Amici Club

L'Osteria, which was founded in Munich in Germany in 1999 and now has over 170 restaurants in nine European countries, is digitising more than just customer loyalty in the restaurant business.

The company's own loyalty club app from hello again, which goes by the resounding name of "L'Osteria Amici Club", is a core element of the digitalisation strategy.

With the go-live in July 2023, the company's own app was launched in record time just three months after the contract was signed, with the following core functions, among others

  • Loyalty club with numerous rewards

  • Simple table reservation function

  • Order function via app for own pick-up

  • Integrated menu

  • Integrated restaurant finder and competitions

  • Amici invitation function for friends and family

Almost 50% regularly active app users and an average star rating of 4.7+ stars in the app stores speak for themselves just a short time after the app launch.

Numbers of success.

This is what L'Osteria has achieved with its new loyalty club app.

Go-Live August 8th, 2023 | Numbers End of March, 2024

Almost half of all registered app users are active at least once a month, most of them even more frequently.


registered app users after a few months

Almost 50%

frequently active app users.

More than 170.000

Purchases in conjunction with the new app

4,8 Stars

Average rating of the app in the app stores

Take a look at the app for yourself. The L'Osteria Amici Club.

John Schlüter | VP Marketing & Communication


My #helloagainmoment: The only holistic solution for the catering industry!

My #helloagainmoment was definitely that the helloagain app is the only truly holistic app solution for the catering industry on the market. We are very happy to be able to implement this white label solution with the hello again team!

Simple app setup. Ongoing support.

L'Osteria's path to its own customer loyalty app.



Our simple onboarding process accompanied the L'Osteria team from the signing of the deal through to the launch of their own app.

The app appeared in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after a few months of development and ongoing updates on development progress.



Because the success of the L'Osteria app takes centre stage, we use our experience from over 800 customer projects to push the app:

Through regular innovations, updates and optimisation suggestions - for example in the form of live webinars - the L'Osteria team works with hello again to get the best out of the app.


Help center.

The comprehensive help centre with user manual, instructions for app optimisation and videos on numerous topics is available around the clock for quick help.

This allows the L'Osteria team to take the initiative and optimise, expand and improve the app independently.


Ongoing Support.

The hello again app support team is always available to the L'Osteria team if required.

Together, we ensure that both the company and the users of the app are offered the greatest possible added value through effective, digital customer loyalty.

Because we believe that customer loyalty must be valuable for all sides!

The time for digitalization has come.

That's why stamp cards are out of date.

Want to take your customer loyalty

to the next level?