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Success Story | VAMED Vitality Club App

The VAMED Vitality Club app: digital leisure fun at the highest level

The #helloagainmoment at VAMED: For Susanne Nitsch, Head of Marketing and responsible for the VAMED Vitality Club app, this is the central element of the company's own loyalty solution.

Since the app launch, VAMED customers have not only been able to enjoy rewards, the app can do much more. Here is an overview of the core functions:

  • Collect points and redeem them for great rewards and benefits

  • Rewards ranging from free entry to the spa and massage vouchers to a loan bath towel

  • Digital club card, always with you via app

  • Resort finder with location enquiry via GPS

  • VAMED world of benefits integrated into the app

  • Refer-a-friend function, VAMED Vitality World magazine, feedback option and many other functions in the app

Simple app setup. Ongoing support.

VAMED's path to its own customer loyalty app.



Our simple onboarding process accompanied the VAMED team from the signing of the deal through to the launch of their own app.

The app appeared in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after a few months of development and ongoing updates on development progress.



Because the success of the VAMED Vitality World app takes centre stage, we use our experience from over 800 customer projects to push the app:

Through regular innovations, updates and optimisation suggestions - for example in the form of live webinars - the VAMED Vitality World team works with hello again to get the best out of the app.


Help center.

The comprehensive help centre with user manual, instructions for app optimisation and videos on numerous topics is available around the clock for quick help.

This allows the VAMED team to take the initiative and optimise, expand and improve the app independently.


Ongoing Support.

The hello again app support team is always available to the VAMED Vitality World team if required.

Together, we ensure that both the company and the users of the app are offered the greatest possible added value through effective, digital customer loyalty.

Because we believe that customer loyalty must be valuable for all sides!

Take a look for yourself: The VAMED Vitality Club App.

Susanne Nitsch | Head of Marketing

VAMED Vitality

#helloagainmoment: benefits for customers always in view

When our guests always have an overview of all our benefits in the VAMED Vitality Club. Simple, memorable, bookable. That's my #helloagainmoment.

The time for digitalization has come.

That's why stamp cards are out of date.

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