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Success Story | Flachgau Pharmacy Seekirchen

Your own loyalty club app in just two months: The Flachgau Apotheke Seekirchen app

In 2021, Flachgau Apotheke in Seekirchen am Wallersee decided to take the next steps towards the megatrend of digitalisation.

With hello again as a strong partner for digital customer loyalty, the loyalty club app was implemented in just two months until it was finally available to download from the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store.

Since then, the following functions have delighted customers of Flachgau Apotheke:

  1. Own loyalty club with points collection and rewards redemption function

  2. Various high-quality rewards, from carpet knives and hairbrushes to nutritional supplement capsules and scented oil

  3. Contact information and messaging function within the app

  4. Details about the team and connection to the Instagram page

  5. Invitation function for family and friends

With an average star rating of 5.0 stars in the app stores, Flachgau Apotheke brings a smile to the faces of its regular customers - and best of all: the app is constantly being developed further with the hello again team!

Simple app setup. Ongoing support.

Flachgau Pharmacy Seekirchen's path to its own customer loyalty app.



Our simple onboarding process accompanied the Flachgau Pharmacy team from the signing of the deal through to the launch of their own app.

The app appeared in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after a few months of development and ongoing updates on development progress.



Because the success of the Flachgau Pharmacy app takes centre stage, we use our experience from over 800 customer projects to push the app:

Through regular innovations, updates and optimisation suggestions - for example in the form of live webinars - the Flachgau Pharmacy team works with hello again to get the best out of the app.


Help center.

The comprehensive help centre with user manual, instructions for app optimisation and videos on numerous topics is available around the clock for quick help.

This allows the Flachgau Pharmacy team to take the initiative and optimise, expand and improve the app independently.


Ongoing Support.

The hello again app support team is always available to the Flachgau Pharmacy team if required.

Together, we ensure that both the company and the users of the app are offered the greatest possible added value through effective, digital customer loyalty.

Because we believe that customer loyalty must be valuable for all sides!

Take a look for yourself: The Flachgau Apotheke Seekirchen App.

Martina Berger | Pharmaceutical-commercial assistant

Flachgau Pharmacy Seekirchen

#helloagainmoment: Customers enjoy exchanging their points for great rewards!

When the customers in our pharmacy are happy that they can exchange their collected points for great rewards - that's my #helloagainmoment!

The time for digitalization has come.

That's why stamp cards are out of date.

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