U4 (entertainment, gastronomy)

Streamlining the workflow and precisely addressing the target groups

The goal

U4 already had a club card with which partygoers could collect points. Earlier it was difficult to get to know the visitors in detail and to communicate directly with them. This digital application generates a better database to address the visitors more precisely and to be able to respond to their specific wishes and preferences.


The willingness of customers to share their favorite drink and music in the app is astonishing. Information like this helps us a lot to cater to individual preferences and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Michael Gröss, Managing Partner

The solution

U4 went live with its tailor-made digital solution, provided by hello again, and was able to optimize its processes and procedures. Now they can communicate quickly and directly with their customers. Above all, the Push Messages function plays the most important role in staying in touch with the revellers.

Redeeming loyalty points is now much easier. Visitors no longer have to have their Club cards stamped, which also makes the work of the staff much easier. The digital loyalty programme can also be used to create a reward system that encourages customers to use the app in a fun way and invites them to return and visit again. This process continuously brings new customers and binds existing ones to the company. In this way, you can create a useful database and you can more precisely address your target audience.

The well-structured dashboard offers the shoe retailer continuous monitoring of app activity and evaluation of the marketing measures taken. MyShoes is pleased with the newsletter function integrated into the dashboard. With just a few clicks, they can send automated newsletters to segmented target groups. These targeted campaigns show, compared to general campaigns, a gain of more than 14% in the opening rate and a plus of 5.4% in the click rate. MyShoes has succeeded in showing innovation, making their marketing activities more efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.


We were really happy that almost all of our regular customers and many others downloaded the app. A customers’ will to announce their favourite drink and music was also amazing. Information like this helps us a lot to respond to individual preferences and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Michael Gröss, Managing Partner

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