The goal

MyShoes, a subsidiary of the DEICHMANN Group, did not have its loyalty club until now and clearly set its focus on being an innovative model company. Instead of introducing traditional plastic loyalty cards, they were looking for a digital solution for their bonus world.

The solution

Together with hello again, MyShoes launched a digital loyalty program. An own, tailor-made app, which brings advantages to the customer without a physical customer card, went live within just four months. Regular customers are enthusiastic: in addition to attractive rewards, current promotions and news, the MyShoes app also has a bill management function that allows customers to keep track of all their purchases.

The well-structured dashboard offers the shoe retailer continuous monitoring of app activity and evaluation of the marketing measures taken. MyShoes is pleased with the newsletter function integrated into the dashboard. With just a few clicks, they can send automated newsletters to segmented target groups. These targeted campaigns show, compared to general campaigns, a gain of more than 14% in the opening rate and a plus of 5.4% in the click rate. MyShoes has succeeded in showing innovation, making their marketing activities more efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.