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Your customers can collect points or similar rewards through activities that bring value to your company.

For shopping at your premises

  • Scan of the QR code on the receipt
    Cash register security legislation requires a QR code to be printed on every invoice. Purchases can thus be converted into points in a counterfeit-proof manner and without any additional installation effort. No integration into the POS system is necessary.
  • Photo of the invoice
    To reward specific product purchases, it is possible to read invoices using a photo. This is especially useful for invoices without a QR code.
  • Cash register integration
    The customer card is displayed in your app and, like physical customer cards, it can be scanned at the checkout.

For shopping in the online shopFor Social Media Shares

  • Your customers can post their visit to your company on Facebook and receive points for it.
  • Your customers can tag your company on Facebook and receive points for this.

By inviting friends, your customers can earn points via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and many other channels.For reviewing your company on evaluation platforms (Google, Facebook, Holidaycheck etc.) you can also reward your customers and award points.For check-in at your locations (e.g. shop, hot spot, stadium, clubhouse, summit cross, etc.)

  • With iBeacons, you can enable a check-in via Bluetooth in the shop.
  • Using the GPS data of your location we can set up a GPS Check-In for your customers.

For customer-specific events like birthday, 10th purchase etc.

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