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To make the sign up into your loyalty club easy, we offer 5 different login options, which can be combined individually:

  1. Text Message – the login is possible by entering the phone number. The advantage of this method is that no password is required, as the customers receive the authentication PIN code via text message
  2. Facebook – if the customer is already logged into Facebook on her device, she can also log into your app with just one click.
  3. Google – same as the Facebook option. It is important for Android users, as they have a Google account by default.
  4. Email – classic way with email and password. 
  5. Apple Login – simple and secure way for IOS users.
  6. Phone – the customer can join the loyalty club simply by calling. This is an attractive option for a less digitally savvy audience. 

Besides the simple registration process, we also offer app-onboarding for the end-users so your customers will quickly find their way around the app. We will guide them through the functions of your app with a concise introduction.

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