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With the integrated newsletter tool, you can send news immediately or at a scheduled time, as well as to selected customers. 

Easily create professional email marketing campaigns. The structure of the integrated newsletter tool is extremely clear and therefore remarkably easy to use.

One advantage of the integrated tool, compared to an external one, is that you have access to all your customer data: You can send targeted messages to specific target groups (keyword “segmentation“) and create your plans. Determine the day and time to send your newsletter.


With the help of marketing automation, you can predefine e-mail campaigns based on customer behaviour, which are sent automatically on certain events: e.g. a mailing for your customers’ birthdays, a reminder message when your customer has not visited you for a while, etc.


Furthermore, you can create templates that you can use repeatedly.


Simplify your newsletter creation process, save time, and strengthen your customer loyalty through individual and professional newsletters.

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