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Send targeted campaigns with higher success rates & offer target-group specific incentives.

Customer segmentation allows you to address your customers in a targeted manner. You can assign each customer to a customer segment based on their characteristics. Segments can also be created automatically based on customer behaviour (e.g. lunch menu consumers…). You can address each of these customer segments specifically in the future and thereby achieve considerably better results. 


You can thus tailor your marketing campaigns to specific target groups and increase your success rate.


You can also create your customer breakdown by introducing a status. You can use this function for setting up different types of rewards for your customers. As an example:  from 500 EUR turnover, you have a BRONZE customer, from 1,000 EUR you have a GOLD customer. Now you can send different messages to your GOLD customers or make bigger rewards available to them than to the BRONZE customers.

If you create bonuses based on loyalty status, you can stay relevant to your customers and increase your reputation.

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