Our customer loyalty solution.
Your added value.

Our unique combination of an individualized app for your loyal customers and an underlying CRM system plus a dashboard for you as a company provides unique added value. And makes customer contact easier than ever before.
Our product: Dashboard for your company and an app for your customers Our product: Dashboard for your company and an app for your customers READ MORE ABOUT THE DASHBOARD

How your loyalty club app works

The smartphone is the steady companion of your customers and thus the key to efficient customer loyalty for you and your company!
With your individually branded loyalty app from hello again, you can bring your company’s logo to your customers’ smartphones.
Your digital loyalty club with rewards system strengthens customer relationships and increases customer value at the same time.
Managing your app is simple and intuitive: the dashboard with a built-in CRM system helps you use valuable customer data efficiently.



App for your
loyal customers

You get an individualized loyalty app with your company’s corporate design and your unique content.
We will manage the entire process, starting with the coordination of the content, and the implementation of your design, until the app appears in the app store!
Start perfectly prepared for the digital future and strengthen your customer loyalty!



Beispielapps im Apple Appstore & Google Playstore
Dashboard Abbildung

Dashboard for your
innovative company

For managing and controlling your app, you have an intuitive dashboard, where you can edit all functions.
In addition to intuitive user management and reward system maintenance, you can view many insights directly in the dashboard and create marketing automation measures.
Of course, detailed usage statistics such as download count, number of scans, redeemed rewards, or monthly active users are also available.



The core features of your customer loyalty solution

Ready for your individual
loyalty club app?

Are you still thinking about it - or are you already rewarding your customers?

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