Direct communication


Forget mass communication, focus on 1-on-1 communication.


Digital customer loyalty will help you get to know your customers and provide them with relevant content based on the information you collected. The result: your customers feel understood and will come back to you.

Marketing automation


Communicate with your customers automated, 1-on-1 and on a personal level:
we help you create customer journeys to send relevant content.
The right content
for a specific target group at the right time
Via the best-suited channel:
push messages, email, SMS or standard mail
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Fully automated
to allow you to focus on your core business

Customer Journey

With your tailor made app you can look after your customers even after their  purchase: Send them

  • automated, personal messages

  • on selected events and

  • through the right channels

(e.g. offer a service one year after the bicycle purchase), and offer your customers great additional benefits.


Tailor-made campaigns


Easily create tailor-made campaigns, tailored to specific customer groups.


Segment your customers according to certain preferences and send them individual messages like sale announcements, new opening hours, Father’s Day offers, etc.

From monologue to dialogue


Include your customers to boost customer loyalty. Communication shouldn’t be a one-way street: ask your customers for their opinion.


A digital solution by hello again helps you easily establish a dialogue with your customers, and saves time.

Surveys & votings

Let your customers vote! Create surveys or live votings in no time with our survey tool and get prompt results of your market research.


Get direct customer feedback! Your customers’ reviews and ratings will help you maintain high-quality products and services.


Talk to your customers! Our chat feature allows you to increase your service quality by offering customers direct support.

Start today and increase your customer value!