Insights & CRM


Your digital solution allows you to continuously collect information and data. To make this as easy as possible, all data insights are conveniently displayed on a dashboard from which you can control all features.


Strategically plan and implement targeted marketing activities based on the accumulated knowledge about your customers.

Data analyses & recommended actions


Gain insights into your customers’ buying behaviour thanks to digital customer management.

Business intelligence analyses provide recommendations for action to help you adjust your marketing measures to individual customer’s needs.



Marketing automation & customized campaigns


Individually target and personalize communication with your customers via marketing automation and segmentation:

keep an overview of and adapt all automatized customer journeys, or send personalized messages to specific customer segments.

CRM Customer Relationship Management


All information about your customers is saved in the integrated customer database.


Get socio-demographic overviews and monitor which user did what and where with your loyalty app in real time.


Integration of existing systems


All existing data from other systems (CRM, newsletter, online shop,…) is integrated via API, and newly generated data can be transferred from the database to your other relevant systems.

App content maintenance


You want to integrate a new benefit into your loyalty club? Organize a giveaway? Promote an event?


No problem: with a few clicks in the dashboard you manage all your app content in real time (creation of rewards, giveaways, giftcards, surveys, subsidiaries, news, offers, etc.).


Start today and increase your customer value!