Your own loyalty club


A fully automatized, digital loyalty club is the centerpiece of your app.


Build a connection with your customers.

Motivate your customers to come back to you time and again.


Image_Zwei fröhliche Mädchen beim Einkaufen von Kleidung

Loyalty points


Your customers collect loyalty points by taking different actions – actions that are important for your company and strengthen customer loyalty.


to collect loyalty points

Loyalty points for purchases boost your revenue:


Collecting loyalty points with hello again is easy as pie: besides the implementation into your cash system, we offer two additional options. 


Photo of an receipt:

By uploading a photo of a receipt, single products can be identified and converted into loyalty points (e.g. for specific product brands).


QR code scan:
By scanning the QR code on a receipt (which is standard in Austria and Slowenia), the amount is converted into loyalty points.





Reward systems have been working for ages, and with hello again more smoothly than ever: dynamic, digital – and just better.


Offer attractive rewards within your loyalty club, which your customer can redeem with loyalty-points. This motivates your customers to come back to you time and again. Boost customer loyalty, and boost your revenues!


“GAMIFICATION” – where the magic happens



Build an emotional connection with your customers in a playful manner. Fun games will keep your brand in your customers’ minds. 

Give your customers the chance to collect badges, reach new status levels, improve their position in leaderboards, etc. to increase customer loyalty.


Start today and increase your customer value!