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Games Package

Leaderboards, badges, micro-games and more: playfully ensure additional customer engagement and remain in their memory particularly well by creating positive brand experiences.
New games regularly provide variety and bring a breath of fresh air to your customer relationships. No extra charge for constant additions to the games package.
Games Package Components

One package.

Five great games.

The games package gives you access to several games that can be used throughout the year. This leads to constant variety, entertainment and a stronger bond with your customers.
More magic.

With the Advent calendar.

More Amore.

With the Valentine's Day calendar.

More fun.

With the Easter egg hunt.

More awards.

With the daily scratch game.

More happiness.

With the daily lottery wheel.


More customers,

more purchases,

more revenue.


higher sales.


More sales for lottery wheel participants.


more turnover for loyalty club members.


more monthly active customers.

Take a closer look

Each game in detail.

Each game in the games package offers different added value. Whether it's Christmas, Easter or all year round: This is how you push your customer loyalty 365 days a year.

Pre-Christmas season

Advent Calendar

The evergreen: With the Advent calendar in your app, you can ensure additional engagement in the magical pre-Christmas period.

The configurable calendar allows app users to open a door every day, behind which points, competitions or even complete rewards can be hidden.

Start of February

Valentine's Day Calendar

Time for more amore! The Valentine's Day calendar also provides additional touchpoints with your customers.

Allow your app users to open one door per day for 14 days. Behind it are rewards selected by you: Additional loyalty points, competitions or even immediately redeemable rewards. The choice is yours.


Easter Egg Hunt

There are exceptional surprises for Easter: With the Easter egg hunt, you can create very special moments of success for the users of your app.

Get users' pulses racing every day for 14 days until Easter by hiding high-quality rewards behind the individual egg doors.

Customize the look to suit your taste - for example with a specific background image.

Available all year round

Scratch Game

Introducing: The scratch game! This component of the games package produces special rewards with a little physical effort.

Playable once a day per app user, your customers can earn additional loyalty points or other rewards of their choice.

Available all year round

Lottery Wheel

Moments of happiness incoming! The daily lottery wheel feature, which can be spun once a day per app user, creates particularly memorable brand experiences.

Distribute different prize levels, for example 5, 10, 20 and as the main prize 50 points as a bonus. Customize the probabilities of prize distribution (e.g. 1% for the main prize). Determine the appearance and colouring of the wheel of fortune yourself, or work with the templates provided by hello again.

Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: additional app engagement and increased customer loyalty!

Your Benefits

This is how you benefit from gamification.

Gamification as a secret recipe: With playful, competitive elements in your app, you can encourage customers to interact even more intensely with your brand.

On top of that, you can use rewards to create positive customer experiences that will be remembered.


Daily interactions.

Customers engage with your brand every day - it will be remembered.


Higher frequency.

More customers are coming to your shop to spend points and redeem rewards.


Additional sales.

From previous experience, gamification can increase your sales by up to 20%.


Alternating games.

Variety as a success factor: Different games ensure lasting customer interest and success.


Strategic breaks.

Use games and breaks strategically to keep customers interested for longer.


Game variants.

You can organise each game cycle differently to provide variety.

Case Study | Bakery Hager

Gamification: The booster for customer relationships

Alexander Hager, responsible for marketing at the family-owned business Bakery Hager, gives insights into the advantages of various gamification features in this success story.

Alexander Hager

Marketing | Bakery Hager

Moments of happiness in connection with our "Bäckerei Hager" brand through gamification

"The hello again games package combines variety, interaction and moments of happiness with the 'Hager' brand. After just a few days, activity on the wheel of fortune in the app and in our shops has multiplied. Thanks to the Advent calendar, we were able to increase our sales and customer frequency even more during the already strong Advent season."

Check out the Success Story of Bakery Hager!

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