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How companies can use the EURO 2024 for customer acquisition

The European Championship 2024 has triggered a real hype - not just because of the Austrian national football team's performance in the group stage - and is inspiring millions of fans worldwide.
Football fans are following the matches of the EURO 2024 every day. We show how you as an entrepreneur can benefit from the event of the year in terms of customer acquisition.

EURO 2024: Benefit from media coverage

EURO 2024 is not only a sporting highlight, but also an event with enormous media coverage. Companies can use this increased attention to launch targeted marketing campaigns.
We have gathered some ideas for acquiring new customers for EURO 2024 below!
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EURO 2024 contests for customer acquisition

Tickets for EURO 2024 are as coveted as Taylor Swift tickets. A certain number of EURO 2024 tickets were raffled off - you had to register within UEFA programs in advance to have any chance of getting these EURO 2024 tickets. As a result, it was difficult to get tickets and many fans were left empty-handed.

Competitions for EURO 2024 tickets are therefore very popular and can lead to a high level of engagement. This could also be combined with customer loyalty programes. For example, you could let customers who have achieved a certain turnover take part in the competition or reward them with gifts.

Another option is a betting game on the results of the 2024 European Championship matches, where you could give away a voucher for a purchase in your company or your company's products as a prize.

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EURO 2024 product customisation for customer acquisition

If you sell your own products, you could customise them for EURO 2024 and create special editions. From fan merchandise and clothing to collector's items, these items can generate high demand during the event and help you acquire new customers.

EURO 2024 football shirts combined with your company logo would be an ideal opportunity for competitions to attract new customers to your company.

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Social media marketing for EURO 2024 customer acquisition

Hashtags on social media are like the Amen in prayers. For EURO 2024, there are statistics with the most trending hashtags. For your customer acquisition, you could create social media content based on the top hashtags to reach new customers.

Popular hashtags such as #EURO2024, #europeanchampionship or #fussballcommunity can help increase the reach of your posts. Create interactive posts, polls or quizzes around the games to encourage engagement and make potential new customers aware of your business.


Email marketing for EURO 2024 for customer acquisition

Email marketing remains an effective tool for customer acquisition, especially during special events such as the EURO 2024. Segment your target group and send emails with exclusive offers and relevant content.

For example, you can offer discounts during match days or special promotions around the tournament. Regularly send out exciting facts about EURO 2024, interesting statistics and information about exclusive events or offers from your company.


Organising EURO 2024 related events for customer acquisition

Sponsorship is an effective way to increase your visibility during EURO 2024 for customer acquisition. One option would be to organise your own public viewing events or football events to get in touch with your target group.

If you have more budget available, you could also buy EURO 2024 tickets, organise an event and invite big personalities or influencers. In return, they create content or you advertise with them on your own channels to generate reach.

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From customer acquisition to customer retention after the EURO 2024

After customer acquisition is before customer retention: The aim is for new customers to develop into loyal, recurring customers. To do this, implement loyalty programmes that offer exclusive benefits and rewards to strengthen customer loyalty.

In addition, it is important that you continue to deliver relevant content and maintain the relationship with your customers. Regular updates, exclusive offers through loyalty programmes and personalised communication are ways to retain newly acquired customers in the long term.


Conclusion: Customer acquisition during EURO 2024

The EURO 2024 offers an ideal opportunity to implement effective customer acquisition strategies. Through targeted marketing measures, high-quality content and long-term customer retention strategies, companies can utilise the attention of football fans to attract new customers and turn them into loyal regular customers.

One effective way to retain customers is through loyalty programmes that offer exclusive benefits and rewards.

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