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All about Customer Acquisition.

Customer retention requires successful customer acquisition. But that's not all: well thought-out customer retention measures can also be an accelerator for acquiring new customers.
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Attract new customers.

Customer Acquisition: Everything you need to know

If you don't know how to find new customers, you won't have anyone to retain later on - a well thought-out customer approach with targeted measures for acquiring new customers is therefore essential in order to survive in today's market environment.


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Customer Acquisition

The 5 most effective customer acquisition methods

The 5 most effective customer acquisition methods to lead your company to success: Find out how content marketing, SEO & co. can help!

Customer Acquisition

Maintaining existing customers vs. acquiring new customers: which is more important?

Concentrate on acquiring new customers or maintaining existing ones? A key decision for every company!

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Customer Acquisition

High customer acquisition costs vs. retaining existing customers?

Accepting high customer acquisition costs or retaining existing customers? The key differences at a glance.

Customer Acquisition

No need to buy ratings: How to improve your ratings!

Get more reviews and improve your score with these tricks - you don't have to buy Google reviews.

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Customer Acquisition

How companies can use EURO 2024 for customer acquisition

Companies can make targeted use of the media attention surrounding the 2024 European Football Championship to acquire new customers. We'll show you how!

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