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All about Customer Communication.

Successful customer communication is a crucial key to successful, long-term customer relationships.
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Communication is key.

Customer communication: how to reach your customers easily and efficiently

Good and efficient customer communication is a prerequisite for successful digital customer loyalty. There are many ways to reach your customers.

You can speak to them in person at the shop, send them a newsletter, communicate information via social media channels, send text messages or push notifications or use other below- or above-the-line marketing tools - customer communication is very diverse!


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Customer communication

Customer communication via smartphone: address customers directly

Reach your customers more effectively by sending push notifications directly to the most important communication device of our time - their smartphone.

Customer communication

Obtain customer feedback: The key to continuous improvement

In this article, we explain why customer feedback is so important for your company and how you can use it effectively to outperform the competition.

Customer communication

Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn & Xing

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram & Co. have made it easier to make contacts and have greatly changed interpersonal communication - including LinkedIn & Xing.

Customer communication

Digital customer communication: customer exchange in the Internet age

Until a few years ago, correspondence was mainly via fax, e-mail or even letters. But what now?

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