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All about Customer Loyalty.

Loyal customers bring many advantages. However, consumers' expectations of their favourite companies and brands are higher than ever before.
This is why well thought-out strategies and approaches are needed to turn consumers into loyal customers and ultimately into true fans.
Customer Loyalty made easy.

How customer loyalty works in the 21st century.

Get an overview of how effective customer retention measures can take your company from simple satisfaction to genuine loyalty to actually increasing the loyalty of regular customers. Strengthen your customer relationship now!


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Customer Loyalty

The most important instruments of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is more important than ever. But what kind of customer loyalty tools are available today? And how should they be used?

Customer Loyalty

5 effective tips to increase your customer loyalty

In this blog post, you will find out which adjustments you need to make in order to successfully increase your customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

Measuring customer loyalty: The most important KPIs at a glance

Many companies face the challenge of effectively measuring the success of customer loyalty. Is this even possible?

Customer Loyalty

Measure customer loyalty: How loyal are your customers?

But how can you measure customer loyalty and find out how loyal your customers really are?

Customer Loyalty

How do customer loyalty programmes become successful?

Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important. This raises the question: What factors make a customer loyalty programme successful in the first place?

Customer Loyalty

4 questions to start your loyalty programme

Would you like to introduce a loyalty programme? Then you should ask yourself these four essential questions!

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Customer Loyalty

More user engagement with gamification

Gamification is increasingly taking centre stage. Below you will find 8 tips for the effective use of gamification for your company.

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Customer Loyalty

Starbucks Marketing & Branding: Even more Bucks!

Starbucks marketing and customer loyalty: a combination that many companies can learn from. Read the details now!

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Customer Loyalty

Emotional customer loyalty: What sport and Apple have in common

Emotional customer loyalty: How can companies use the fan principle to increase customer loyalty? Our blog post explains!

Customer Loyalty

Successful customer loyalty in the gastronomy sector

Customer loyalty is particularly important in the catering industry in order to be successful in the long term. Find out why in our blog post!

Customer Loyalty

Become a PAYBACK partner: Are multi-partner bonus programmes worthwhile?

PAYBACK, jö, DeutschlandCard and co. - multi-partner bonus programmes vs. individual loyalty programmes. Find out what you need to consider here!

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Customer Loyalty

Customer card disadvantages: Are plastic cards a thing of the past?

Is the physical loyalty card still the right way to go? Many companies are missing out on the benefits offered by a digital customer programme.

Customer Loyalty

Top 5 customer loyalty measures for B2B & B2C

The best customer loyalty measures for your company ➜ Turn your customers into fans & increase your sales!

Customer Loyalty

Top 6 customer loyalty measures for SMEs

In this blog post: How a well-thought-out customer retention strategy can ensure loyal customers for SMEs in the long term.

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Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty in retail

Customer loyalty is an invaluable asset for retail companies - read about the top 6 customer loyalty measures in retail now.

Customer Loyalty

Top 5 types of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key factor in the success of any company - and building strong customer relationships is central to this.

Customer Loyalty

7 tips for successful customer retention in the B2B sector

The business-to-business context is different: We show you 7 aspects to consider for successful customer retention in a B2B context!

Customer Loyalty

10 starting points for efficient economic customer loyalty

Loyal customers bring many advantages. However, consumers' expectations of their favourite companies are higher than ever before.

Loyalty Report 2023 Teasergrafik
Customer Loyalty

The DACH Loyalty Report 2023: Trends in customer loyalty

The major DACH Loyalty Report 2023 from hello again provides detailed insights into current trends and the measures required for successful customer loyalty.

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Customer Loyalty

The main reasons why customer loyalty programmes can fail

Despite their potential benefits, many customer loyalty programmes fail. In this blog post, we take a look at why - and how to do it better.

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