About us

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Our Mission


We believe that digitalisation creates new opportunities for companies to build stronger customer loyalty. Hence, we support companies with the smart use of digital technologies to design their individual customer loyalty program and to establish personal communication with their customers.


In this way, we strengthen businesses’ relationship with their clients and activate loyal customers as brand ambassadors.

Our Story


Founder Franz Tretter has already implemented the first projects in the direction of digital customer cards via contactless customer loyalty cards in 2013.

Together with the co-founders, they moved with development by integrating digital loyalty cards into existing apps. This was followed by the large-scale expansion to have more than 350 satisfied customers in 25 countries.

On the one hand hello again has the know-how to cleverly use emotions in customer loyalty and on the other hand it is a joint venture of Szene1 and the fitness platform Runtastic.

The team behind hello again


Franz Tretter

CEO and Founder of hello again


With a technical background from the Higher Technical College Steyr and a Master in Online Media Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences in Krems, he laid the foundations of his future digital entrepreneurial activities. Franz already showed his talent in the field of community building at a young age: the then 17-year-old established the largest event platform in Austria, szene1.at (with 230 million page impressions also the largest web platform in Austria). He was CEO of Szene1 GmbH and director of Szene1 New Media AG for 13 years before he joined Runtastic as product manager alongside Florian Gschwandtner.


Together with his co-founders, he now offers hello again’s tailor-made loyalty apps with automated customer communication for companies.



Michael Schöndorfer
CTO & Co-Founder

Michael is responsible for the area "mobile development" at hello again. Michael Schöndorfer previously worked for the indoo.rs company and led a team of 15 people.
Mario Pecile CSO & Co-Founder

Mario Pecile
CSO & Co-Founder

Mario was Director at UNGA Loyalty GmbH and supported clients in the customer loyalty area all over Europe. Afterwards, he was Head of Marketing & Advertising at REWE International AG and oversaw the company's sales management activities.

Sebastian Auberger
CIO & Co-Founder

Sebastian works in mobile development and is responsible for data security at hello again. He previously served in the Austrian Armed Forces in the field of cyber defence and won the European Cyber Security Challenge for the Armed Forces.

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