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All the tools you need for easy customer retention: Your customized loyalty club app with integrated CRM.
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  1. Loyalty Club
  2. App Design
  3. Customer Acquisition Tool
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. GDPR compliant
  6. Own dashboard for data administration
  7. Customer Segmentation
  8. Newsletter Tool
  9. Facebook Tool
  10. Instagram Tool
  11. Customer Reviews
  12. Market Research & Surveys
  13. Banner Tool
  14. Digital Collection Passport
  15. Voucher Tool
  16. Groups & Chats
  17. Challenges
  18. Branch Management
  19. Data Analysis & Statistics
  20. Login Options (Email, Google, Facebook, Apple ID)
  21. Text message registration
  22. Customer Card Integration (with EAN code)
  23. Animations / Emotionalisation
  24. Fraud Alert
  25. API connection incl. 4h support
  26. Online shop connection incl. SSO
  27. Support
  28. Invoice Storage
  29. Languages
  30. Additional features (Forms, OCR Scan, Points Expiry, ...)
  31. Customised features


Ideal for medium-sized companies
  • All features from Standard Package
  • Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Personal telephone support
  1. 3 design options
  2. On request
  3. On request
  4. On request
  5. On request
  6. On request
  7. On request
  8. On request
  9. On request
  10. On request
  11. On request
  12. 1 branch included, more on request
  13. On request
  14. On request
  15. On request
  16. On request
  17. E-Mail, Phone
  18. On request
  19. On request
  20. On request
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Ideal for large companies
  • All features from Premium Package
  • API Connections
  • Invoice Storage
  • Social Media Tools
  • Direct support from Project Managers
  1. Custom UI/ UX design
  2. Possible with surcharge
  3. Possible with surcharge
  4. Multiple branches included
  5. Direct support from Project Managers
  6. Possible with surcharge
  7. At extra charge
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Over 600 customers from 25 countries already trust in us:


Thanks to the easily adaptable components of the system, the app was implemented professionally and in record time. Now both all Teamsport dealers and the customers benefit from a single loyalty club.

Thomas Klein, Category Management Outdoor & Multisport SPORT 2000


I think the customer rating of more than 4.8 stars in the app speaks for itself. More than one-third of the Bonuswelt (Bonus World) customers actively use the app every month. It means that we can create returning customers and, in the best case, real fans from buyers.”

Christian Haid, Head of Digital and Omnichannel Management Central and Southeast Europe (CSEE) MyShoes


The integration of the app into our daily processes works perfectly. We are particularly pleased with the high usage rate among our older customers. Everyone, customers as well as employees, are enthusiastic about the app and are eager to collect points.

Verena Aspalter, Marketing Manager "Die Hoflieferanten"

Figaro Uno
App Icon Figaro Uno

Our customers are excited about the new opportunity to collect bonus points and to receive more information about us. We clearly see this in the active user rate which is over 50%.

Hartmann Leichtfried, Managing Director Figaro Uno