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Customer Communication: How to reach your customers directly on their smartphone?

There are many ways to reach your customers. You can talk to them personally in the store, send them an e-mail or newsletter, communicate information via social media channels, send a text message or use other below or above-the-line marketing tools.

The direct route to your customers – fast, simple and uncomplicated!

But that is not all, far from it! Studies reveal that due to the power of digitalisation, 93% of all Austrians can now be reached via smartphone. This dimension constantly opens new possibilities for communication, such as a direct path to customers, that greatly improve the way you communicate with them and increases the efficiency of your message. This is the so-called push notification, which can be tailored to the appropriate individual situation of each customer!

And so, the question is: What are push notifications and what is special about them?

If you have ever downloaded an app, you must have already received a push notification. This personalized message is sent directly to the main screen of your smartphone. Although its appearance can be confused with a text message, there are some big differences between the two. Push notifications are personalized by the sender and, depending on the situation, are dispatched according to the activities and actions of the customer. Another feature is that, in contrast to a text message, push notifications are only delivered if a customer allows it via the app’s settings. This user consent makes push notification a more personal and positive experience for the customer and it does not feel like spam. With this type of trusted access, you can build a lasting relationship with your customers, which in turn will eventually strengthen loyalty. 

Why should you use push notifications for customer communication?

It is simple – you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere. Another big advantage of push notifications is that you can always get in touch with your customers in the right place at the right time. You can prepare targeted and situational messages and send them automatically. These messages are then displayed on the user’s screen so you can inform your customers about new products, new services, events, promotions or simply about his/ her inactivity. In this way, you can reactivate your company or brand in the minds of your customers. The timing and content of your messages can be crucial in determining whether you can bring your customers back to your POS.

Conclusion: Digital customer communication

Simply create and send messages – anyone can do it!

For some smaller companies, communicating with customers through promotional emails and newsletters or via social media channels can turn out to be a less successful and very time-consuming activity. The beauty of sending push messages is that it is quick, easy, and straightforward. They need little effort from your side, yet they are a highly effective way of communication! You can use them to wish your customers “Happy Birthday”, or you can send a special offer to your regulars who have not visited your store for some time. To make customer communication even easier for your company, IT service providers such as hello again offer an automatic and integrated push notification service. This service sends push messages over the entire “life cycle” of the customer – from the moment she joins your loyalty club and you have defined the appropriate message.

The prerequisite for this advanced form of digital communication is, of course, a dedicated loyalty app. One of the leading providers in this sector is hello again. You can find more information about the numerous other advantages in customer loyalty that you can gain from a loyalty app from hello again by clicking the link below!

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