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hello again is your partner for customized apps and web implementations for digital customer loyalty and individual communication. Reach your customers anytime & anywhere - directly on their smartphone, increase your sales through higher shopping baskets & customer frequency and win new customers through your satisfied regular customers.

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Customer Loyalty

How customer loyalty works in the 21st century

Get an overview of how effective customer retention measures can take your company from simple satisfaction to genuine loyalty to actually increasing the loyalty of regular customers. Strengthen your customer relationship now!


Customer acquisition: Everything you need to know

If you don't know how to find new customers, you won't have anyone to retain later on - a well thought-out customer approach with targeted measures to acquire new customers is therefore essential in order to survive in today's market environment.

Customer Communication

Customer communication: How to reach your customers easily and efficiently

Good and efficient customer communication is a prerequisite for successful digital customer loyalty. There are many ways to reach your customers.

You can speak to them in person at the store, send them a newsletter, communicate information via social media channels, send text messages or push notifications or use other below- or above-the-line marketing tools - customer communication is very diverse!


Customer value: How much are your customers really worth to you?

Every customer has a value for your company. This is the contribution of individual customers that brings you one step closer to achieving your company's goal. Loyal customers are crucial for high customer value.


Digital customer loyalty: Welcome to the Internet age

Digitalisation is advancing and with it the relevance of digital customer loyalty is increasing rapidly. In the digital information age, customers have long been using a wide variety of devices on many new channels, whether in the B2B or B2C sector. The internet is the central element here.

Trust also plays an important role in digital customer relationships. It is not only important to know the customer inside out, but also to listen to what they have to say.


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