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Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn & Xing

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram & Co. have made it easier to make contacts and have greatly changed interpersonal communication. Thanks to networks such as LinkedIn & Xing, social media is now also becoming increasingly present in the business world.

Social media in business!

Most companies already have profiles on various online platforms. The two best known in this area are

LinkedIn: The best-known international business network

Xing: A widely used professional network, especially in the DACH region

LinkedIn in particular is very interesting for entrepreneurs with its ever-increasing number of users, as it is not only used in the DACH region, but also has globally active users. Data from Statista shows that the portal has experienced strong growth since 2009.

According to its own data, the website already has over 850 million registered users in more than 200 countries - around 18 million of them in German-speaking countries. Monthly visits to the site now amount to over 1.7 billion views (worldwide, mind you).

Advantages of using professional networks for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you can benefit from online business networks in many ways. LinkedIn and Xing are mainly used by qualified users such as professionals, entrepreneurs, potential customers or promising young professionals. This segmentation of users makes it easier for companies to reach the right audience.

On the other hand, users can also monitor the online and offline presence of (future) employers. In addition, an active online presence on social media channels also makes an important contribution to building a company's image.

To use social media efficiently as a marketing tool, it takes more than just creating a company profile and logging in from time to time. We have summarized the most important steps for a good and effective profile for you below.


Tips for a successful company profile on social media

1) Set goals, coordinate measures

The first question to ask is what benefits social media (LinkedIn and/or Xing) can bring to your company. It is therefore important to clearly define your goals in advance.

The two platforms can be helpful in many areas. Be it recruiting, positioning yourself as an interesting employer, presenting your corporate culture or improving your image. Each company must define this goal for itself, depending on its needs.

2) Set up a profile

When creating a profile on social media, it is important to ensure that it is complete. All information and data should be up to date and integrated into the online profile. In addition, all of your own employees should be linked to the profile.

3) Be active

Once the goals have been set and the profile has been fully created, you can finally get started! It is important that you are constantly active on social media and do not neglect your profile. Good content can be posts about the latest news from your own company or the sharing of specialist articles.

"Behind the scenes" images that provide insights into the internal corporate culture can also be interesting for customers. It is important that you remain serious and present yourself positively to business partners. In addition to your own posts, you can also comment on or share posts from other companies or posts in groups.


hello again on social media

In addition to the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/X, hello again is also active on LinkedIn and Xing. Both platforms offer us the opportunity to make new contacts and thus further expand our network.

Especially in the B2B sector, these two social media channels are helpful platforms for acquiring potential new customers. LinkedIn and Xing are also perfect for keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments in a wide range of areas.

Conclusion - Social media marketing

Networking in the digital age

Both networks (LinkedIn & Xing) have become indispensable in the business world. LinkedIn in particular is becoming increasingly important, connects international business partners and can be very useful, especially for initial contact.

However, you should be aware that maintaining these accounts involves work. They need to be constantly filled with content and updated, otherwise the presence can have the opposite effect.

If you find that there are not enough resources available for regular maintenance, then I recommend treating and maintaining your profile more like a kind of "business card on the Internet". This means that people can find your company, but you are not actively networking there.

We look forward to your visit to our social media channels on LinkedIn & Xing!

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