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Customer loyalty in the gastronomy sector

Customer loyalty programs are increasingly being used not only for the purchase of goods, but also in the food service industry. As the choice of catering businesses is constantly growing, bonus programs are particularly important in this sector.
In this blog post, you can find out what customer loyalty solutions are available for your company in the food service industry.

Customer loyalty in gastronomy: how it works

Merlot instead of Zweigelt

Digital customer loyalty programs in the hospitality sector enable direct interaction between restaurant owners and customers. For example, information on the food and drinks consumed can be saved by scanning the receipt. This information can then be easily used the next time guests visit to respond directly to their preferences.

If the guest had a glass of Zweigelt last time, the customer can be offered a glass of Merlot on their next visit. This not only gives guests a feeling of exclusivity, but also increases customer satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty and the likelihood of a repeat visit. In restaurants, customer loyalty can be quickly and easily taken to the next level.


Together instead of alone

Another way to offer your customers exquisite benefits is to work with local suppliers. For example, your loyalty program can include discounts at your fruit and vegetable supplier or the nearest flower store - one of the simplest yet most effective customer loyalty measures.

This is particularly beneficial if you run a (still) small catering business. This means that your guests don't have to wait long to collect points, as they have the opportunity to make purchases from your partner companies.


Tailor-made instead of generalized

With your stored customer data, you can easily get a precise overview of your most loyal customers. This gives you the opportunity to reward them accordingly. An aperitif before the meal or a discount voucher can be used to show your top customers that you care about them. Customer loyalty can be so easy!

Interaction instead of neglect

Digital customer loyalty programs also give you the opportunity to convince your customers to visit your restaurant. If you notice that a guest has not visited your restaurant for a long time, you can counteract this. This can be done, for example, with birthday specials, Christmas promotions or seasonally limited food offers.

Customer loyalty measures for restaurants: digital = optimal

Especially in today's increasingly competitive world, loyalty programs need to offer special benefits for customers. Only by conveying a feeling of exclusivity will your guests become regular customers. Pay attention to the needs of your customers, because it is not for nothing that it is often said: the customer is king.

Conclusion - Customer loyalty in the gastronomy sector

Customer loyalty in gastronomy: Essential!

In conclusion, it can be said that efficient customer loyalty measures are essential in the restaurant industry in order to survive the constantly growing competition. By using digital loyalty programs, a restaurant can effectively cater to the individual preferences of its guests, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Collaborations with local vendors, customized rewards and interaction with customers are effective strategies to achieve this positive effect. It is important to note that the well-being and satisfaction of the individual customer should always come first to ensure long-term and successful customer loyalty.

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