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Starbucks Marketing & Branding: More bucks for Starbucks!

The digital loyalty program of the American coffee chain Starbucks is one of the most regularly used apps in the hospitality industry worldwide. The aim of updating the program is not only to retain new customers, but also existing ones, and to attract them to the chain's cafés and stores more regularly.

Starbucks marketing: mission statement

Starbucks' mission is "To inspire and nourish the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time."
Targeted marketing and a well thought-out customer experience across various channels have become essential in recent years. Various communication channels such as social media, email and content tailored to the needs of the target group (e.g. a specific landing page) have long been standard anyway. Outstanding service is also high on the list of priorities.
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Three reasons for the success of the new Starbucks app

Flexible app features, a versatile rewards program, the integration of other corporate platforms and a generally well thought-out marketing mix are the main reasons for the success of Starbucks' refreshed program.

1. Payment and order function in the app

In addition to the introduction of the electronic payment and ordering function, My Starbucks Barista was also launched. As a counterpart to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, the voice function enables customers to order from Starbucks using voice commands. These changes have reduced long queues, especially at peak times.


2. Versatile, customer-specific rewards program

Instead of per purchase, customers are now rewarded with points or stars per dollar spent. This should make it easier for customers to earn more stars and get additional benefits. Depending on the number of stars, Starbucks customers can reach two levels: The Green and the Gold level. Premium customers then benefit from member events, free coffee and tea refills and a personalized, golden Starbucks card, among other things.


3. Integration of various corporate platforms

Corporate partnerships have been launched to further strengthen customer loyalty to Starbucks and provide them with additional benefits. With an integrated Amazon function, customers can now also shop online using the Starbucks app. In addition, the introduction of the Spotify music program allows customers to search for songs played in Starbucks stores and then add them to their playlist. Another collaboration was established with the cab service Lyft, which supports the collection of stars when using transportation services.

Conclusion - Starbucks Marketing

Customer-oriented loyalty programs for corporate success

The example of Starbucks shows that the use of a customer-oriented loyalty program not only successfully retains customers, but also leads to the company's success. Employees also benefit from the innovations.

Is your effective customer loyalty program already driving up sales figures like Starbucks?

Source: https://themanifest.com/app-development/success-starbucks-app-case-study

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