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App marketing: Facts about the mobile age and the use of an app

It is important for companies to adapt to mobile digital technologies, such as an app and preferred consumer behavior, and to give customers the opportunity to satisfy their needs anywhere and at any time - this is made possible by app marketing.
The business world is digitalized and has been subject to "mobilization" for several years. The smartphone itself has become indispensable - and has become much more of an "everyday tool".
Companies need to adapt to mobile digital technologies, such as an app and preferred consumer behavior, and give customers the opportunity to satisfy their needs anywhere and at any time. It is also important to convey these implementations in marketing. hello again fully meets this need - and creates a direct communication channel for companies to their customers:

Smartphones have become an everyday tool

The MAKAM research institute survey commissioned by the FMK revealed a clear picture: 84% of all Austrians can no longer imagine life without a cell phone, 63% would not want to switch off their cell phone at home under any circumstances, but 60% can imagine doing without their cell phone at least some of the time during leisure activities.

An interesting detail here is that the agreement to switch off the cell phone during leisure time even tends to be higher among those under 50. When using a smartphone, an app is usually used (fitness app, social media app). App marketing is therefore also essential in order to market your app in the multitude of possibilities. These figures speak for the high relevance of app marketing.


What does this development mean for retail companies and service providers?

One thing is clear: today's customers also expect to receive notifications on their cell phones: order confirmations, information on delivery status, but also bargains and special offers should be communicated on mobile devices in order to generate immediate attention.

This is best achieved using an app and must be taken into account in app marketing. Direct communication with the customer therefore plays a very important role, and this aspect must be covered by app marketing.

Conclusion - App Marketing

Close to the customer with a customized app

For this reason, the potential of a smartphone app and the associated app marketing, in particular a digital customer loyalty app, should be taken into account - on the one hand, mobile use by the end customer and, on the other, the importance for companies will continue to increase. An app and therefore also app marketing offer companies many opportunities - from better customer retention and new customer acquisition to lower marketing costs.

Customer relationships can be strengthened and loyal customers can become brand ambassadors. In summary, it can be said that an app and the associated app marketing play an important role in today's world. In our blog post "Loyalty with the prospect of satisfied customers", we report in more detail on the impact of digital customer loyalty programs on customer satisfaction.

Sources: www.ots.at

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