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Mobile Customer Loyalty: Do's and Dont's

Digital transformation. Penetration of mobile apps. Consumers' habits and expectations have changed in all areas of life.
Adapt to the change with your company and enter the modern world of mobile customer loyalty.
Is your company ready to enter the world of mobile customer loyalty? - If you answer yes to this question, the following blog post will help you introduce a mobile app and describe the do's and don'ts for mobile customer loyalty and its programs.


Reward your customers

With loyalty programs, it is important to show the customer that they can actively participate in the program. Loyalty programs should not only be used by customers to make purchases. Participants in your loyalty program should never be forced to buy something in order to participate in the loyalty program. This gives the impression of only wanting to make a profit. For your mobile loyalty program or app to be successful, you need to respond to the needs of your customers. This can include writing online reviews as well as participating in various surveys. Since people love to participate in successful projects, you should give your customers the chance to participate in your brand. It is appreciated and is the best way to build loyalty.

Personalize your loyalty program

Mobile customer loyalty relies on personalization. If your company offers customers offers that don't appeal to them at all, they will quickly reject and ignore them. The essential question here is whether the customer really needs the offer. Digital platforms help you to collect valuable information about customers. This allows you to tailor your offers to specific groups of people and communicate with each customer individually.

Introduce short reward journeys

When introducing a loyalty program, it is important that the path from the consumer's purchase to the reward is not too long.

If the customer only manages to receive a reward after 3 months, it is often the case that he or she will give up on the loyalty program sooner rather than later.

It is also important that the reward is always in relation to the customer's consumption. If the customer buys more in a month, the reward should also be higher.

In summary, it is important to choose the right time period and reward amount.

Be unique

Nowadays, the majority of a company's turnover comes from a relatively small number of customers. It is important to retain them and convince them of your brand or your company. Mobile customers are important here, and can be addressed well using an app. Modern technologies and the constant change in consumer behavior have a major impact on modern loyalty programs. It is therefore important to offer personalized, relevant and exclusive content that also makes it easy to participate in the loyalty program. Care must be taken here to address different demographic groups and make optimum use of the data obtained.



Neglecting customer involvement

The customer should have continuous contact with your app. If the customer does not know what advantages your app offers, he or she will quickly turn away from it. Is it even worth their time and effort? Always communicate clearly that your app is worthwhile for your customers. To do this, it is important to analyze newly acquired data from your customers and develop strategies in this regard.

Ignoring future customer generations

Mobile customer loyalty doesn't work overnight. It is a long-term development that takes a lot of time and effort. Most mobile customer loyalty programs focus on millennials (also known as Generation Y).

They were born between 1981 and 1996, make maximum use of technology and have a significant purchasing power.

However, the future generation of customers (Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012) is usually completely ignored, as they do not yet have this purchasing power. However, it is only a matter of time before the younger generation develops into a significant purchasing power. Successful loyalty programs must already include Generation Z (the generation that has never known life without the Internet) in customer loyalty programs. This generation uses the smartphone for almost all activities and is perfectly familiar with modern technology, such as an app. If you want to develop a stable loyalty program on mobile devices for the future, you have to involve Generation Z now.

Disregarding analyses

What is measured must also be read and evaluated correctly. A robust user behavior analytics tool will help you determine which areas of your program are being used more and which are being used less. It is important to react to this and eliminate less successful features and expand successful ones. Customer loyalty is a continuous process.

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Conclusion - Mobile Customer Loyalty

Do's and Dont's as guidelines!

In summary, it is important to address your customers personally, which you can achieve through good data analysis and evaluation. Your uniqueness will also enable you to appeal to the young Generation Z and acquire them as future customers. Ensure your success and enter the modern world of mobile customer loyalty!

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