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hello again is your partner for customized apps and web implementations for digital customer loyalty and individual communication. Reach your customers anytime & anywhere - directly on their smartphone, increase your sales through higher shopping carts & customer frequency and win new customers through your satisfied regular customers.

What does hello again exactly do?

hello again is a young, creative company that specializes in digital customer loyalty and develops tailor-made smartphone apps and web solutions for companies. The company was founded in 2017 by Franz Tretter, Mario Pecile, Michael Schöndorfer, and Sebastian Auberger and aims to help SMEs increase their customer value. Large companies such as McDonald's are leading the way: digital customer loyalty via app is the key to long-term, sustainable corporate success. But how can SMEs keep up with international corporations?

A well-run company has a good balance between acquiring new customers and maintaining regular customers. However, customer lifetime value often suffers if new customers cannot be retained despite high investments in customer acquisition and therefore do not become regular customers.

If you can beat the competition with the right marketing measures and win new customers, you need an advanced strategy. It is important to retain new customers in the long term in order to build up a broad base of regular customers who not only generate higher sales in the long term, but also reduce the costs of marketing measures and customer acquisition through recommendations, among other things. This applies to both large corporations and the baker next door.

A system that works.

The loyalty solution from hello again, consisting of an app, dashboard and CRM system.

Simply explained in 75 seconds in this video.
Your benefits with hello again

Revolutionize your customer loyalty now

With hello again, you get more out of your customers. You become a digital pioneer with the most innovative customer loyalty solution in Europe.

Get to know your customers

Deep insights into buying behavior enable you to provide personal & individual customer support.

Strengthen customer relationships.

Through direct & personal communication and rewards in the loyalty club.

Increase shopping cart value

A stronger customer relationship increases your average shopping cart value.

Increase the frequency

Through the loyalty club & relevant communication, your customers come back again & more often.

Gain new customers

Your regular customers become brand ambassadors: better reviews and recommendations!

How is customer loyalty created in the first place?

For customers to be successfully retained, they must go through the customer retention chain. If a customer is satisfied after purchasing the service or product, possibly leaves a review and their expectations have been positively exceeded, this shows their customer loyalty and thus the potential for a repeat purchase.

And how does a customer loyalty program work?

The aim of this business strategy is to retain as many customers as possible in the long term and convert them into loyal regular customers. There are numerous customer retention tools available for this purpose, although some customer retention measures have become more popular than others in recent years.

These make it easier for providers to reach their customers in a more targeted manner with marketing measures, to respond directly to individual needs in order to ensure customer satisfaction and to reward regular customers for their loyalty.


Into the future with digital customer loyalty

In the course of digitalization, almost all areas of business are changing from the ground up. The smartphone itself has become indispensable - and has become much more of an "everyday tool". However, this change has considerable advantages, especially for customer loyalty programs.

Not only can apps be used to collect crucial data, but customers also have the opportunity to satisfy their needs anywhere and at any time. In addition, a company can make direct personal contact with regular customers at any time.

Using the internet and corresponding apps, companies can use digital customer loyalty to offer their target group a customer journey that creates a positive experience with the brand, even if there is no intention to buy.

With the customizable smartphone app from hello again, a company can take advantage of these trends and implement customer loyalty measures directly close to the customer without having to rely on external platform solutions or multi-partner bonus programs. Whether a solution in a large bonus program or an individual solution suits the company better depends on the respective strategy.


Reward customer loyalty with loyalty programs

Large cross-industry platform solutions such as PAYBACK, DeutschlandCard and jö have been showing us for years how digital customer loyalty can be successfully implemented. Physical customer and bonus cards are increasingly disappearing over time and have made way for smartphone apps. However, large-scale solutions have also recently become more prevalent in the catering industry and, alongside the Starbucks app, the Lieferando stamp card has become a popular rewards instrument.

Reward cards or stamp cards work so well for us humans because promised rewards motivate and drive us forward in our actions. This is due to the happiness messenger dopamine, which creates positive expectations and arouses desire.

A free loyalty card app with a loyalty club should therefore be a central component of the customer loyalty program. However, as it is no longer enough to simply satisfy customers, a new trend is currently taking customer loyalty apps by storm: gamification.

Game mechanics can have a significant impact on user motivation and participation in non-game contexts, as they appeal to customers' core motivations. The basic idea behind the design and implementation of gamification is to increase customer engagement, enjoyment and loyalty. Those who enjoy the game are also happy to share this with those around them, which not only increases loyalty, but also attracts new customers.

So there is a lot to consider when planning loyalty programs. hello again will be happy to help you find out what potential a customer loyalty app has for your company.


Ensure customer satisfaction: Digital communication and success monitoring

It has been known for years that loyal customers represent a significant percentage of all revenue. Customers are also what make a customer loyalty program successful in the first place. However, simply having a customer loyalty program is not enough to build customer loyalty. To be successful, you need to know your customers inside out and interact with them constantly. They want the customer loyalty program to be personalized and treated in a special way. In return, customers are happy to share their information, preferences and habits with their favorite company.

Direct and indirect customer communication is an important building block in digital customer loyalty and the associated customer satisfaction. How a company communicates with its customers has a direct impact on the company's success and creates a significant competitive advantage. The communication strategy is therefore an important part of the customer loyalty programme, which can be seamlessly integrated into an individualized app.

With the help of a digital app solution, not only customer communication but also user administration using integrated CRM and the information and data collected can be easily controlled from a dashboard. This not only saves time, but also provides a central point of contact where marketing measures and customer loyalty successes can be clearly evaluated. It is particularly important to measure the success of customer loyalty measures and to know what potential customer loyalty holds for your company. To find out, you can try out our loyalty calculator.

With a digital customer loyalty solution and a well-developed strategy, companies can bring all measures for regular customer loyalty under one roof.

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