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My career change into sales - from hairdresser to selling software

Bettina Grieb worked as a hairdresser for over 20 years until she took the plunge and started working in internal sales at hello again. She has now been working successfully in sales development for almost 2 years.
Quereinstieg SDR - Bettina Grieb

How did your career change come about?

Bettina: I wanted something new. I already knew the company hello again because we used the product - the customer loyalty app - ourselves at the hairdresser. We had a training session back then and then promoted our app to our customers. The app was really well received. At some point, I noticed the vacancy in internal sales and applied for it.

What specifically appealed to you?

Bettina: Firstly, the working hours. I'm a mother of two children and would like to spend time with my family. I also worked part-time as a hairdresser - but the working hours often didn't coincide with school hours. This job offered me regular working hours that coincided with my children's school hours and still gave me the flexibility I needed to work from home, for example. Secondly, I found the product and the company exciting. I have nothing to do with technology or software, but I experienced the benefits for companies myself.

SDR Teampic Smartphone

What is selling software like?

Bettina: My job in Sales Development is to identify potential target customers for our product and show them the benefits of our solution over the phone. As soon as a company shows interest, I arrange an appointment with one of our sales managers. They then make the sale.

Sounds simple...

Bettina: Well, it is. What you definitely need is customer orientation. You have to be able to put yourself in the other person's shoes: what problem do they need a solution for and can we offer one? You don't need any special prior knowledge. Resilience and flexibility in dealing with different personalities are required.

Would you do it again today?

Bettina: Yes, definitely! The work is interesting because I get to know lots of different companies and people. It's also fulfilling to take on such an important role and help companies to be more successful. When we win a new customer, everyone is happy about your success!

Would you also like explore new career paths?

Find out now about open positions at hello again or contact us at jobs@helloagain.at.

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