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Spotlight: Mario Pecile

Ideally, sales experts have a lot of knowledge about their product, their service, the market situation and the customer's requirements. They also have a lot of stamina and a high level of stress tolerance so that they are able to build good, long-term customer relationships, and our Consulting Director Mario brings all of this to the table.
Mario Pecile im Blickpunkt

Mario on his path to hello again

Mario worked for UNGA Loyalty GmbH (based in Amsterdam) for 2 years as a director and looked after customers in the loyalty sector throughout Europe. He then worked for REWE International AG for 8 years as Head of Marketing and Advertising and was also Head of Sales for the company.

We can proudly say that with Mario we have a motivated and committed sales expert in the field of digital customer loyalty on board!

In the following video, Mario talks about his path to hello again, what his absolute "hello again moment" was and what he likes most about his job.

Co-Founder hello again

Mario about hello again

(Note: Interview in German)

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