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Goodbye plastic cards. March 18th: World Recycling Day!

March 18th - today is World Recycling Day! To mark the occasion, we would like to take a closer look at the topic of recycling. Our environment is an important asset that needs to be protected. Unfortunately, however, far too much plastic is still being produced and used.
hello again declares war on plastic waste! Away with the plastic cards! The current situation is costing us all a lot of energy and is an absolute state of emergency. But all the more reason for us to become aware of how valuable our surroundings, environment and general well-being are.
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Credit card, fuel card, loyalty card - do you really need so many cards?

In keeping with today's World Recycling Day, we are taking a closer look at this topic and drawing attention to possible alternatives and solutions in the area of digital customer loyalty.

The fact is: we produce far too much plastic waste. Our environment is on the verge of a waste collapse. Over 100 million tons of plastic waste are already floating in the oceans, and eight million tons are added every year. Experts estimate that there will already be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

In Germany alone, around 39.7 kilograms of plastic packaging waste per capita was generated in 2022 (source: Plastic waste | Statista). On a global average, each person produces 0.74 kilograms of waste per day. We need to take swift and concrete action now to stop the flood of plastic. Companies are once again called upon to do their bit.

We are also declaring war on plastic waste and want to draw attention to the importance of recycling in today's blog post. Specifically, today we are taking a closer look at the use and vast quantities of loyalty cards in Austria.

Nachhaltigkeit - Going Digital

R.I.P. Plastic Card

You are no doubt familiar with the following situation: Our wallets are getting thicker and thicker: prepaid cards, loyalty cards to collect loyalty points, as well as payment cards for refueling, or collectible pass cards for beer and bratwurst at the soccer stadium. And then there are all the other indispensable "plastic squares", such as driving licenses, ID cards, e-cards and so on, which also have to be stored somewhere. The result: there's a hell of a lot of plastic in our wallets. We ask: does it have to be?

According to a study by the Austrian Gallup Institute, 83% of Austrians currently have at least one customer card, and the majority (45%) even have 2-5 cards. In principle, this is unnecessary plastic waste that we "carry around" in our wallets.

The figures for plastic production are also alarming. Around 36% of global plastic production results in packaging material. Of course, this also includes the vast quantities of loyalty cards. We need to curb the use of plastic and find alternatives, especially in production.

Digitaler Sammelpass
Conclusion - Disadvantages of plastic loyalty cards

Digital solution instead of plastic loyalty cards

If your company still relies on plastic loyalty cards, then it's time to switch to a digital solution. With the digital loyalty club from hello again, your customers always have their digital loyalty card to hand - on their smartphone. In a customized design and with content from your company.

Take the first step in the right direction and benefit from more customers and more sales. With hello again, you'll be perfectly prepared for the digital future and have the increase in your turnover and customer numbers in your own hands from now on. And you're also doing good for the environment.

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