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Core features of the loyalty solution


What the app is for your customers, the dashboard and connected CRM system is for you as an entrepreneur: Select your desired target group segments, manage your content, draw conclusions from statistics and insights.

The functions at a glance.


Loyalty CRM.


Customer segmentation.


Analytics & Insights.


Content management


Data management.

Customer Relationship Management

Loyalty CRM system.

With our customer relationship management system, you can keep track of the relationships with your customers.

Manage rewards, monitor activities and customize the app to your brand presence. The dashboard provides you with all the tools you need to strengthen the bond with your target group.

Customer relationship management
Control center


With our dashboard, you can always keep an eye on all the important information about your customer relationships. See how many loyalty points are collected and redeemed in real time. Adjust the settings of your loyalty app and optimize the experience for your target group.


Customer segmentation.

With customer segmentation, you can identify individual target groups and provide your customers with customized offers.

Whether new or regular customers — identify the customer wishes of individual segments and adapt them. Thanks to the integrated CRM system, you always have an overview and can perfect your marketing strategy.

Customer segmentation

Analytics & insights.

Use our dashboard to get real-time statistics and valuable insights into your customers' behavior.

Find out which promotions generate the most points and which rewards are the most popular. This way, you can always adapt your strategy to the needs of your customers.

Insights & Analytics

Content management.

Would you like to add new rewards, be able to edit forms and events quickly or adapt existing offers? No problem! With our central content management, you can adapt the content of your customer loyalty app in no time at all. This means your offers are always up-to-date and attractive for your customers.

content management

Additional features.

Additional added value.


Imports & Exports.

Whether it's individual customer information, loyalty point balances or rewards campaigns — with our import and export function, you always have all data firmly under control.

Seamlessly transfer information between your CRM system and other tools. This allows you to make your customer loyalty strategy even more efficient and targeted.


Custom fields.

Every company is unique. That's why we offer you custom fields that allow you to design your CRM system and dashboard the way you want.

Capture the data that is relevant to you and offer your customers a customized experience. Get the most out of your customer loyalty solution from hello again.


Custom objects.

With custom objects, you can add special elements and features that are precisely tailored to the needs of your company and your customers.

This makes your app not only unique, but also even more effective in terms of customer loyalty.

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The core features of your loyalty app at a glance.

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