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Core features of the loyalty solution

Loyalty program.

Let your customers collect points for purchases that they can redeem for rewards. Gamification and competitions ensure a high level of engagement within your app.

An overview of the features.


Collect points for purchases.


A variety of rewards.


Digital stamp pass.


Easy app registration.


Digital receipt in the app.



Collecting points

Collecting points for purchases

Every purchase is rewarded. Your customers collect points in the loyalty app with every purchase. They can exchange these for exclusive rewards, discounts or gifts. This turns every purchase into an experience and strengthens the relationship with your customers.

Collecting Points

A variety of rewards.

Offer your customers a wide range of rewards in your loyalty app. Whether vouchers, discounts or exclusive gifts — everyone will find something suitable here. Customize the selection of rewards to your liking and increase loyalty to your company and your brand.

Stamp card

Offer a digital stamp pass.

Offer your customers the convenience of a digital stamp pass. With every purchase, they get closer to their next bonus. No analog stamp passes, no lost cards or stamps — everything in your customized app instead. Increase loyalty and offer added value with every stamp.

Digital stamp card

Easy app registration.

Make it easy for your customers to become part of your loyalty program. With simple registration, they can join in seconds and start collecting loyalty points straight away. With 5 different login options, there's something for everyone.

Easy Registration
Invoice storage

Digital receipt in the app.

With the digital receipt in your customer loyalty app, your customers say goodbye to paper receipts. Simple, innovative and perfect for modern consumers. Bonus point: less paper chaos, more customer satisfaction and also more environmentally friendly. Your customers can keep track of all past purchases.

Digital Invoices
Gamification feature

Gamification made simple.

But all the more efficient.

Badges & Leaderboards.

With our gamification features, you can offer your customers more than just loyalty points.
Award badges for special achievements, create leaderboards and set status levels. This motivates them to come back, shop and share. Your app becomes an experience.


With our app's prize draw function, you can easily give away rewards and prizes.
Increase interaction and offer an additional incentive to keep coming back to your app. All linked to your brand.

Micro games.

Why should customers only collect points when they shop? Let them compete in exciting microgames and win additional points.
This playful component makes your app irresistible and encourages interaction with your brand. Engage customers simply by playing!


Motivate your customers with exciting challenges in the app. Extra loyalty points are awarded for each completed challenge.
This not only increases engagement, but also offers a fun way to earn rewards.

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