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Core features of the loyalty solution

Data security

& GDPR compliance.

hello again handles all data issues in compliance with the GDPR. The data belongs to you as the app provider.

No compromises on data protection.

Your customers deserve only the best - also when it comes to data protection.

With hello again's loyalty solution, you ensure that your customer data is always protected and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As an app provider, the data is completely in your hands. Offer your customers a secure environment in which they can collect and redeem loyalty points — without any worries.

How do we ensure data security?


100% GDPR compliance.

hello again is a GDPR data processor & handles all related topics for you in compliance with the GDPR.

We only request the data that is really necessary for the operation of a loyalty program. It is your loyalty program and therefore also your data. We do not share this data with anyone. All our servers are GDPR-compliant and regular security audits are carried out.

Data disposition

Your company has data sovereignty.

hello again acts as a data processor, only uses the data that is really needed and of course does not share it with any third party.

Data sovereignty lies with you and your company at all times. It is your customer loyalty app and therefore it is also your data.

Data collection

Individual data query possible.

Depending on the design of your customer loyalty solution, it makes sense to collect various data points at different points in your app.

The data collected can be queried individually and is of course stored securely in our system.

The solution remains lean, efficient and compliant with data protection regulations by only requesting the data that actually needs to be processed.


2-factor authentication in the dashboard.

To ensure maximum security, our customer loyalty solution supports a modern 2-factor authentication method.

Regular security audits of the servers we use round off the safety package in the background.

Contact details

Details of the data protection officer.

Data protection officer at hello again

Ing. Werner Sponer
DSGVO-konform GmbH
Spittelwiese 6, 4020 Linz

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