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DACH Loyalty Report 2023:The insights for successful customer loyalty

The major DACH Loyalty Report 2023 by hello again provides detailed insights into current trends and the measures required for a successful customer loyalty program. The focus is on digitalization and the innovative use of customer loyalty solutions, opening up a multitude of opportunities for companies in a wide range of industries.
We asked over 1,500 people for their opinions to better understand what they expect from a successful customer loyalty program.
We also wanted to know why and, more importantly, how successful customer loyalty programs are used.
In addition: How customers communicate with the companies offering loyalty programs and much more.
The DACH Loyalty Report 2023 shows that the digitalization of customer loyalty programs is indispensable for most customers - especially at a time when customers expect more and more digital options, those companies that rely on new and innovative digital loyalty solutions early on can score points.
Through the targeted use of a wide range of marketing mix tools, the potential of existing and new data - and thus also customer value and customer lifetime value - can be maximized as part of a targeted marketing strategy.

(Please note: The DACH Loyalty Report 2023 is currently only available in German language.)

Loyalty Report 2023 Teasergrafik

Key Insights

We have summarized some of the key insights from hello again's DACH Loyalty Report 2023 here:


Digital customer loyalty boosts sales

+28.4% more money spent by customers who actively use customer loyalty programs


Inflation crisis as a driver for customer loyalty

95.5% of all consumers surveyed use customer loyalty solutions (+3.5% compared to 2022)


Kundenbindung wird zunehmend digitaler

78.3% of respondents use digital media (+3.3% compared to the previous year); the older baby boomer generation also finds online stores very attractive

The future of customer loyalty programs: Simple, personalized, flexible - but ABOVE ALL DIGITAL

The survey results of the DACH Loyalty Report 2023 have shown that the simplicity and flexibility of a customer loyalty program are the most important factors for consumers. Mobile solutions are becoming increasingly important, as many customers use their smartphones for shopping and paying.

However, personalized offers and rewards are also very important to customers. They expect loyalty to a brand or company to be appropriately recognized, for example through exclusive discounts or rewards for a certain number of loyalty points collected.

At the same time, customer loyalty programs should be transparent and fair in order to maintain and strengthen trust in the brand and the company. A successful customer loyalty program should therefore take into account the needs and expectations of customers both online and offline and create a win-win situation for both sides.

Loyalty Report 2023

Advantages not only for customers: Companies also benefit greatly

The digitalization of customer loyalty programs offers enormous advantages for both companies and end consumers. By integrating mobile solutions, companies can strengthen their customer loyalty and at the same time gain valuable insights into the purchasing behavior of their customers.

Personalized offers and rewards can be created based on real-time data and customer profiles, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers can equally benefit from digitalization as they can conveniently and easily access their rewards or manage their loyalty points in real time. A mobile solution therefore offers advantages for both companies and consumers and is essential for successful customer loyalty management in the digital age.


How to create a successful customer loyalty program

A successful customer loyalty program must meet the needs of your customers and at the same time provide companies with valuable insights into purchasing behavior. Personalized offers and rewards are essential to reward customer engagement and loyalty and ensure long-term retention. By digitizing loyalty programs, companies can gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, enabling them to create relevant offers and rewards and expand their customer base.


Franz Tretter

Gründer & CEO | hello again

Klare Vorteile durch digitale Kundenbindungs-Lösungen

Consumers want clear added value when it comes to customer loyalty solutions. From regular information to sustainability. Digital solutions offer clear advantages here. We were surprised to see that the crisis in particular offers enormous potential here. Customers are now paying even more attention to where they leave their money. It's high time for companies to start here/get involved now.

Conclusion - DACH Loyalty Report 2023 from hello again

Make the most of your customer loyalty program!

Successful customer loyalty requires a balance between meeting the needs and expectations of customers and creating value for the company. The DACH Loyalty Report 2023 shows that an efficient customer loyalty program - preferably in digital form - should definitely take the following points into account

  • Simplicity

  • Flexibility

  • Personalization

  • Transparency

  • Fairness

Digital customer loyalty programs offer much greater scope for all these points than analog solutions. A well-thought-out system can save huge amounts of time and effort, not only in the planning phase, but especially after the loyalty program has been introduced. We have summarized for you here why the digital loyalty card is the way of the future and why analog solutions will sooner or later disappear completely.

At the end of the day, the only way for entrepreneurs to create a successful customer loyalty program and establish it in the long term is by striking a balance between customer needs and value creation for the company.

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