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Promoting your loyalty app: How to promote your customer loyalty app correctly

Everyone has them and everyone uses them - apps. These small programs serve many purposes, whether it's the weather forecast, reading the latest news or for simple, quick entertainment in between.
But from a company's point of view, app installations (unfortunately) don't happen by themselves: whether on Android, Apple devices or other end devices; whether it's the app stores of Google, Apple or other developers: Well thought-out app marketing is required. But there is no classic step-by-step guide for apps.
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14 ideas for successful app marketing

When it comes to app marketing, you should not only set up your app correctly (and play it), but also promote it successfully. And you should do this regularly in order to constantly draw new people's attention to your app and thus get more active users. This is no longer just about promoting apps in the App Store or Google Play Store. You need your own campaign!

Remember: app creation alone is far from enough! Even the best content and offers are worthless if they are not advertised properly and nobody knows about them. This is the only way to guarantee successful app marketing.

But how do you go about ensuring that apps are downloaded and - ideally - used regularly? We've put together the most important basics and given you 14 ideas for your app marketing and optimization.

1. Point-of-Sale Advertising (POS)

The options for drawing customers' attention to the app are very diverse: displays, flyers, billboards, voucher codes, ceiling hangers, print ads, loyalty cards, roll-ups, in-store TV, promotional campaigns and much more.

Classic advertising such as TV or radio spots can also be used. The advertising message must have an animating effect so that the user has the motivation to search for the app in the store later. We will be happy to create the advertising material for you and take care of printing and shipping - simply order in the dashboard.

2. Package inserts and print ads with QR code for app download

Remind your customers about your app by placing a flyer in the package when you ship an order. With this flyer, your customers can easily download the app using a QR code. Create an additional incentive and combine the code with a voucher, for example, which can have a great effect when promoting the app.

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3. PR (public relations): Provide information on developers, use, and more

You can hire a PR agency for this. For companies with a small budget, there is the alternative of searching for the topic of the app on Google. Relevant online magazines and blogs are displayed. A targeted query with your own press articles can be very helpful in drawing attention to the app.

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4. Events and Awards

Another option is events and, for example, submission to awards. This brings public attention and reach. In this way, you can also market your app and present it to a broad target group.

Loyalty App bewerben - Events und Awards

5. Integration/linking on the (own) website

Another option for advertising apps is, of course, your own website. It is important that the app advertisement is placed where it is clearly visible:

  • Main menu

  • sidebar

  • header

  • footer

  • Website text and blog articles

  • Contact page

  • Social media icons

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6. Subpage/landing page on own website

On a landing page, you can highlight the advantages of your app in a detailed app description, describe the registration process and benefits in detail and encourage visitors to download it. You can also communicate in-app promotions directly here to create additional download incentives. Take the opportunity right away and distribute the link to your landing page via as many channels as possible. With direct redirects to the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS), you can make the download hurdle as low as possible.

Here you can find a concrete example of an app landing page: https://www.flyacts.com/case-study-app-vermarktung-am-beispiel-einer-fundbuero-app

7. Paid Advertising (PPC - Pay-per-Click)

You should also look for opportunities to place your app on external sites. This doesn't have to be expensive. Many blogs or smaller portals sell advertorials or publish thematically relevant guest articles. This allows you to display your app to a large target group - and usually very inexpensively. Google, for example, also offers a free tool for this.

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8. E-mail newsletter campaign

If you want to present your app as prominently and distraction-free as possible, you can of course also create a separate email campaign. Add a link directly to the App Store or Google Play Store. Tip: A standardized email signature for all employees, especially those with a lot of customer contact, is also an excellent place to draw attention to your app.

Use your existing hello again newsletter tool for your current newsletter subscribers or for all customer loyalty users. You can find the link and the graphics in the dashboard under "push my app".

Loyalty App bewerben - Beispiel Bewerbung E-Mail-Signatur

9. Social media marketing tips for app installations

Recommendations via social media also ensure app downloads. Promote your app via your Facebook page or other social media channels. The posts may be shared by other users - this will increase awareness of your app.

Also place paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to get new and existing customers excited about your app. For example, focus on the benefits and added value of your app.

Be creative to make the application as entertaining or interesting as possible! Encourage your community to share and hand out a few "goodies", for example.

10. Successful on Facebook: App marketing on social media

Facebook offers very effective options for app advertising:

  • Mobile App Ads: In just a few steps, you can set up the advertising campaign for your own app and, as with the classic Facebook advertising campaign, define the exact target group.

  • CTA on the Facebook page: Here you can easily define various call-to-actions. These include the "Use app" CTA. This leads the customer directly to the app store.

You can find more information about mobile app ads and how to get people to install your app here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/106368616181334

11. Recommendations and personal advertising

First and foremost, you should use your personal contacts and make friends and acquaintances aware of the app. There are no limits to the imagination here: from sending an email to the email distribution list to inviting all Facebook friends. Small, effective methods that are unfortunately often forgotten include mentioning the app in the email signature.

You can read more about referral marketing here: https://centralstationcrm.de/blog/2011-04-11-Empfehlungsmarketing-Wie-Sie-Neukunden-ueber-Bestandskunden-gewinnen

12. App reviews, promotion and user involvement

If your app has a lot of positive reviews, for example, take advantage of this right away. For example, encourage your customers to rate your app after a purchase by rewarding them with a voucher. User support and responding to non-positive feedback is extremely important.

Responses to queries should always be as prompt as possible and, above all, helpful: This means really responding to users' questions and problems, not providing standard answers and, above all, offering a solution.

Loyalty App bewerben - App Reviews

13. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Searching in the store is already the second most popular method for finding apps. On the Apple Store, 63% of users already use this method. There are a few ways to be found better in the store.

These are briefly described below:

  • The name of the app: The name of the app should already contain the word that could be searched for. For example, a to-do program could be called To-Do Maximizer.

  • Description: The description of the app should not only consist of one or two lines but, in addition to appealing screenshots, also explain the added value of the application.

  • Screenshots: The screenshots can be decisive for a download. You should provide answers to the customer's most important questions and reflect a minimum of professionalism. The screenshots should also give the customer a rough insight into the app.

  • Reviews: The previous article has already explained that it is important to respond to reviews, but it is also important to get a certain amount of customer reviews so that it can really serve as a guide.

  • Keywords: As with other search engines, keywords can be crucial to being found in the stores' internal search engines.

If you have an app by hello again, you don't have to worry about this, because we'll do it for you!

Loyalty App bewerben - App Store Optimization (ASO)

14. YouTube Video Marketing

Hopefully you have an interesting app? Then it makes sense to create a short video that explains the function and added value of the system in a simple and exciting way. The video can be used on the homepage of the website to provide an easy introduction. On the other hand, a video can be another starting point for promoting your app. For smaller budgets, self-made videos are completely sufficient. Uniqueness is the success factor here!

You can find a very good example of a short explanatory video here: https://www.facebook.com/villacherbier/videos/1608930422463565/

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