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Success Story | Bakery brotsüchtig

brotsüchtig bakery app: community building through digital loyalty club and direct communication

A bakery app with an integrated loyalty club - this is how the bakery brotsüchtig revolutionized its customer loyalty. In order to reward the loyalty of their customers, brotsüchtig was looking for a digital solution. Their goal was to increase awareness and attract new customers. They wanted an innovative customer loyalty tool that would also offer their customers great added value.
Bäckerei brotsüchtig is an organic bakery with three locations. It combines genuine craftsmanship, regionality and modernity. The digital customer loyalty solution has increased customer frequency, reduced the work steps for employees and strengthened the community.
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Bäckerei brotsüchtig's achievements with hello again.

Increased frequency

of customers by using a digital customer loyalty solution

Outstanding usability

Simple, yet effective operation of the new app

Reduced work steps

Reduction of work steps for sales employees

Digital loyalty card

instead of stamp passports for more environmental friendliness

Oliver Raferzeder


Expectations exceeded by hello again

I knew it would work, but I never thought it would work so well. We are really impressed with the app!

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Success Story Details

Read through all the details of the joint app project below.

Bakery brotsüchtig & hello again

The solution.

Brotsüchtig opted for an innovative solution from hello again: on the one hand, a dedicated brotsüchtig app for their customers and, on the other, a control center with which they can communicate more specifically with their customers or, for example, set up campaigns.

Baker app with loyalty club at its heart

In the "baker app", regular customers collect loyalty points and can redeem them for exciting rewards. As customers of brotsüchtig not only receive loyalty points for their purchases, but also for recommending the bakery to friends and acquaintances, many new customers have been and continue to be acquired.

Ordering easily via the app

Orders can also be placed directly in the app - a service that many customers particularly enjoyed during the lockdown. Simply order the desired products using an integrated form and then conveniently collect them from the store. Bread addicts were able to set up this service themselves with just a few clicks in the control center.

Less effort by avoiding physical stamp passes

Collecting loyalty points is very easy with the hello again solution: customers simply scan the QR code printed on the invoice and the points are credited to their account. Since no stamping of loyalty passes or scanning of vouchers is necessary, waiting times at the checkout are kept short and the workload for bakery employees is also reduced. The focus can now be placed specifically on the main business.

Top customer reception: diverse rewards, individual offers

An affordable, digital loyalty program in the form of a bakery app for bread addicts was created, which is actively used by the bakery's customers and is very popular. The variety of rewards in particular is one of the most popular features among customers. With individual offers and personal messages, customers feel directly addressed and are happy to return to their bakery again and again.

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The result.

The ease of use of the digital solution not only impresses customers, but also employees. Brotsüchtig has over 1,000 active users in the app every month and the number is growing all the time.

Time for the important things: Interaction with customers

Oliver Rafferzeder is overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which customers scan their receipts. And his employees are also happy that they don't have to stamp or check loyalty cards. They have time for the essentials: For selling and advising customers.

The incentives in the loyalty club and the relevant communication have increased customer frequency and new customers are also being won over again and again thanks to the invite-a-friend function.

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