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SUCCESS STORY | OX Restaurants

Customer loyalty for restaurants: digital solution for higher frequency and more customers at OX

The primary goal was to increase customer loyalty in the restaurant and thus customer frequency at the nine OX Premium Restaurants locations.
In order to offer guests a unique experience at all levels, Thomas Altendorfer, Managing Director of OX Restaurants, opted for a digital customer loyalty solution. In addition to the usual communication channels such as the website, social media and birthday emails, OX was looking for more: more personalization, more direct contact with customers and more visibility.
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This is what the OX restaurants have achieved with hello again.


App registrations despite lockdowns


For table reservations simply by app without a phone call

Direct contact

to the guests via smartphone address


multiplied on Google & Co.

The filmed success.

Thomas Altendorfer, Managing Director of OX Restaurants, in an interview with hello again.

Thomas Altendorfer

Managing Director | OX Restaurants

App as a game changer when opening new locations

At the St. Pölten location, we have been working with the customer loyalty app since the opening. And I can only say: we have never had such a successful location!

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

OX Restaurants & hello again

The solution.

It quickly became clear that hello again's digital customer loyalty solution was a good match for these requirements. In addition to the direct communication option via its own app, OX can now also offer its customers great benefits.

Direct customer contact is made possible

With the integrated communication tool, OX restaurants can reach customers directly via the most important medium in today's society: the smartphone. The messages reach the guests directly and do not get lost in the mass of advertising on other channels. The restaurant can send the weekly menu plan directly to regular guests and advertise promotions in a targeted manner.

Heart of the app: digital loyalty club

OX Restaurants builds a strong bond with its guests through the heart of the app, the loyalty club and rewards marketplace. Guests collect points and can exchange them for attractive rewards. "Thanks to the loyalty club, we can finally give something back to our loyal customers," says Thomas Altendorfer. Collecting points is very easy for guests: they simply scan their bill or the QR code shown on it and the loyalty points are credited to their account.

Evaluation tool & new customer acquisition

Since it was also extremely important to acquire new customers, the review tool is also used. Reviews are particularly important in today's digital world, as they open the door to new customers. After all, who hasn't experienced it: before booking a table, you check the restaurant's rating on Google - the more and the better the ratings are, the more likely it is that you will visit the restaurant. OX Restaurant has managed to get many top ratings on Google with their regular customers and the use of the rating tool. This helps them to attract new guests every day.

Uncomplicated table reservation within the new app

An additional added value for regular guests of OX Restaurants is the integration of the reservation tool. This means that a table can be conveniently reserved from the app and nothing stands in the way of the next visit. Thanks to the advanced automation, this also means considerably less effort for the restaurant itself than when reservations were made exclusively by telephone.

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The result.

OX Restaurants' goal was to record 20,000 registrations in the loyalty app within one year. Thanks to the incentive of receiving a free cocktail upon registration, the target was achieved after just under a year, despite the lockdown.

Highlight: New restaurant opening with app support

The app proved to be a particularly valuable channel for the opening of the OX restaurant in St. Pölten: Thanks to the strong community, this location was very profitable right from the start. Direct contact with regular customers at all nine locations via smartphone enables a form of customer loyalty that would simply not be possible through other channels.

New customers are also addressed by the new solution: almost 30% of all visitors rate OX Restaurants with over 4 stars on Google or share their visit on Facebook. This leads to the restaurants increasing their reach and appearing naturally to potential new customers.

And all of this ultimately leads to higher customer frequency, more new customers and also more sales!

OX Weiz

Thomas Altendorfer

Managing Director | OX Restaurants

Customer contact consists of more than just birthday mailings

We now have continuous and relevant contact with our customers. Not just once a year through the birthday mailing as before. These short push messages, sent at the right intervals, strengthen customer loyalty enormously.

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