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Digitalization in retail: Müller as a digital pioneer in the retail industry

Digitalization in retail - this is at the top of the list of priorities for the retail company Müller. The digitalization offensive was launched back in 2013 with the introduction of an online store including Click & Collect. The next logical step was the digitalization of customer loyalty activities. In the search for a digital and innovative customer loyalty solution as a further pillar of the digitalization strategy in retail, the collaboration with hello again was born.

Loyalty club for loyal customers as a goal

The primary goal was to offer customers a better user experience and reward them with a loyalty club. Müller wanted to get to know its customers better. Until then, the average receipt could be evaluated via the checkout system, but there was no data about the customers themselves: e.g. how many of the receipts can be assigned to individual customers? What preferences can be identified?
The new system was supposed to solve this and provide information about the average shopping basket, customer frequency and relevant customer segments. Above all, it was important to Müller that the new customer loyalty program would enable personalized and thus optimized customer communication. This also gave rise to the idea for MüllerPay.
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Müller has achieved this with hello again.

1 million

Registrations after 6 months

Müller Pay

4-in-1 checkout with just one scan: collect points, redeem rewards, pay and receive a digital invoice

Digital initiative

App as a flagship project of the digitalization offensive in retail


as a currency in the app

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

Müller & hello again

The solution.

hello again meets Müller's needs precisely with the digital white label solution: the digital loyalty card with the Müller blossom program merges offline and online even more. Müller now has a direct line to customers and can reach them in real time. Deep insights into purchasing behavior are gained.

Personalized customer communication is made possible

Müller can personalize and optimize communication precisely to the preferences of the respective customer segments. Customers feel better looked after by this relevant approach and are delighted. And, as we all know, enthusiastic customers like to share their positive experiences with others. Müller thus gains new customers through recommendations from existing ones.

To fully map the user experience, the online store was also connected directly to the app - comprehensive digitalization took place. Customers can now use the app to either browse through the stores' brochures, order directly from the online store or use the Click&Collect service.

Müllerblüten as currency in the loyalty club

Customers can collect Müllerblüten for all activities that result in a payment in the store - whether online or offline - and are rewarded for their loyalty. Discount promotions and other benefits will also be digitally transformed with immediate effect. This means that customers have all the benefits at a glance and can manage their profile in the app themselves.

The digital receipt was implemented to take the issue of sustainability one step further in addition to reducing plastic cards and postage. Customers receive their invoice directly in the app, so there is no need to print it out. Customers therefore have access to their invoices at all times and do not have to keep them physically. And "by the way", Müller is also protecting the environment.

Müller Pay App

The result.

The pharmacy app's success story is impressive: around six months after the app was launched, more than 2,000 users had already registered. The pharmacy's goal is to reach 3,000 registrations by December 31.

The app users are very satisfied and interest in the app remains high: 60% of registered users are active at least monthly, many of them more frequently, e.g. several times a week.

App as a beacon of the digitalization strategy

The introduction of the pharmacy app was probably the most significant step towards strengthening the "Mariahilf Apotheke Trofaiach" brand and improving customer loyalty.

The app is a beacon of the digitalization strategy in the healthcare sector and sets new standards — especially for smaller pharmacies in the digital era. It shows that it is possible and necessary to move with the times and use the advantages of digitalization to expand one's own customer base and improve interaction with customers.

Müller App international

Müller Pay: 4-in-1 checkout for an even better shopping experience.

One year after the app was available for download, the next big feature followed: MüllerPay. 4 functions with one scan.

With MüllerPay, customers can conveniently complete four activities in one step. They pay, collect Müller blossoms, redeem coupons and receive the digital receipt. With this innovative overall package, which is constantly evolving, Müller has become a digital pioneer in the digitalization of its industry, the retail sector.

Müller Pay

Dr. Günther Helm

former CEO | Müller

App at the heart of the digitalization strategy

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a personalized service with our digital loyalty card and the Müller app. This is an important and indispensable step in driving forward our digitalization strategy across Europe.

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