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Success Story | Stadtbäckerei Kühl

Higher average receipts thanks to digital loyalty club app: This is what a modern bakery looks like

The Stadtbäckerei Kühl is now in its 4th generation of passionate baking. Despite the modern technology, the baked goods are all made with love, passion and skill by the hard-working bakers themselves.
The aim was to get to know the customers better together with hello again. The younger generation in particular is often difficult to reach as a bakery business, but this situation is changing with the new app. Being a pioneer - that was Felix Kühl's biggest goal. With the new and innovative solution, the bakery is not lagging behind the competition, but is playing at the forefront and setting new standards.
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Stadtbäckerei Kühl's achievements with hello again.


active users of the new app


increased average voucher value

Decreased customer churn rate

through efficient customer loyalty measures

Improved customer communication

by leveraging high-quality customer data

Movietime for success.

Watch the video about the success story of Stadtbäckerei Kühl here (German version).

Felix Kühl

Managing Director | Stadtbäckerei Kühl

Excellent, uncomplicated cooperation

The cooperation with hello again was pleasant and uncomplicated, just as fast and effective.

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Success Story Details

Read through all the details of the joint app project below.

Stadtbäckerei Kühl & hello again

The solution - part one

Being a leader in the bakery market is a real challenge. Nevertheless, together with hello again, Stadtbäckerei Kühl has mastered exactly that. Getting to know customers better, knowing what they want, thereby increasing customer loyalty and boosting the average receipt. Sounds simple - but how does it work?

Good communication is the key to getting to know customers better. With the new app, this is no problem at all - you can get in touch with your customers in various ways.

Push notifications for direct customer communication

Sending push notifications is a very popular function. This makes it easy to provide customers with all the latest news. For example, the monthly newsletter with new products or rewards and competitions. With a survey directly via the app, customers can be asked specific questions to find out what they really want or think.

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Stadtbäckerei Kühl shows how it's done

The so-called Prasselecke, an idea of owner Felix Kühl, was already known before the app was introduced, but it was not often actively advertised. Following a survey via the app, which revealed that many people missed the Prasselecke and that comparable products from the competition could not keep up in terms of taste, it was decided that the Prasselecke should return to the range and be advertised more intensively.

Thanks to even more commitment from the sales staff, the Prasselecke was once again noticed by customers and was extremely well received. An excellent example of the targeted use of surveys in the app!

You can also find out more about your customers using the app's dashboard. For example, the bakery knows exactly which products customers have redeemed with the rewards and which rewards are best received. In this way, push messages can be used to respond specifically to customer behavior. If a customer frequently buys a pumpkin roll, a message can be sent stating that there are currently two for the price of one.

The solution, part two

Loyalty club for young and old

The classic loyalty club is of course also included in the app. Customers collect points through purchases or other activities and can then redeem them for great rewards. For example, there are more points than usual for the "refer a friend" function, as it is particularly important to the bakery. People are more likely to follow a recommendation from a friend because there is a high level of trust.

For most businesses, appealing to both the younger and older generations is a major hurdle. With the new app, Stadtbäckerei Kühl was able to bring the younger target group on board and strengthen customer loyalty. This has increased the customer base.

The older generation is understandably somewhat skeptical about new technologies, but they also overcome this with good communication. The older generation very quickly realizes the benefits of such an innovative app: saving money, making shopping planning easier, receiving up-to-date information directly on their smartphone. The simple structure of the app also specifically avoids interaction difficulties for less digitally savvy users.

Efficient communication of the app offer

The communication and promotion of the app is based on a mascot, the Krümmel. He can be found on all items that are intended to advertise the app, such as to-go cups or sports bags. The app is also always present at trade fairs. There, it supports the application process for potential new employees. Simply write your application on the tablet at the trade fair stand using the app and send it off. Many found the idea great and applied directly on site.

Stadtbäckerei Kühl High Five

The result

The biggest success to date: increasing the average receipt by 15%. This means that customers who do not have an app spend less per purchase than customers who use the app.

The number of users is also impressive. The targets were rapidly exceeded, the first 1,000 were already exceeded after just one month and the target of 3,000 by the end of 2022 is already history.

52,000 individual messages have been sent so far. Before the app, customers could only be reached directly by sales staff. Now, with the new app, customers are picked up wherever they are and made aware of Stadtbäckerei Kühl and its products.

Conclusion: Bakery Kühl app - high customer satisfaction!

But what about customer satisfaction? Very good! Customers receive many rewards, offers and information on current topics, i.e. a lot of benefits. They are also delighted that Bäckerei Kühl is one of the first bakeries in the north-east of Germany to offer such an app with all its benefits. The app's good star ratings (4.6 out of 2,200 ratings) underline its outstanding performance.

Last but not least, the employees are also completely enthusiastic, because it is particularly important that they are behind the app so that it can be brought to the customers well at the POS.

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Felix Kühl

Managing Director | Stadtbäckerei Kühl

Quick reactions from customers via app

I'm always amazed at how quickly customers take part in a campaign or type in their answers to a survey.

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