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Success story | Das U4

U4 Club Vienna: Simplifying work processes and addressing target groups accurately

The U4 already had a physical club card that disco visitors could use to collect points. With this solution, however, it was difficult to get to know the visitors better and communicate with them directly.
The company therefore wanted to look to the future digitally. A digital solution was to create a better database in order to address the target group more precisely and to be able to respond to their wishes and preferences exactly.
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This is what the U4 Club Wien has achieved with hello again.


Communicate quickly and easily with customers

Database - Improvement

Significant improvement in the database


Acquiring new customers through a digital loyalty program


Simplification of work steps for your own staff

Michael Gröss

Managing Partner | Das U4

Targeted marketing & high-quality customer information

The willingness of customers to share their favorite drink and music in the app is astonishing. Information like this helps us a lot to respond to individual preferences and create targeted marketing campaigns.

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

Das U4 & hello again

The solution.

U4 went live with its individual solution from hello again, making things much easier for both customers and employees. Since hello again's digital solution not only consists of a database or control center for the company, but also includes an end consumer app, many advantages are created.

Targeted customer communication via push messages

Want customers to receive information quickly? - No problem! With push notifications, visitors are always kept up to date and never miss a party. The catering company U4 can now communicate quickly and directly with its target group. U4 also has very specific themed evenings, such as "Addicted to rock". With the new digital customer loyalty solution, they can now address these top target groups with pinpoint accuracy.

Never forget your club card at home again

The app also makes many processes much more efficient: Visitors can check in quickly at the entrance and redeeming points is also much easier. It is no longer necessary to stamp club cards - this greatly reduces the workload. The biggest advantage for customers: They can no longer forget their club card at home, because nowadays you always have your cell phone with you and therefore also your club card.

Targeted use of the database: Added value for customers

The digital loyalty program also creates a reward system that encourages customers to participate in the app in a fun way and invites them to visit again. This continuously attracts new customers and keeps existing customers loyal to the company. Signing up for the app is easy and quick, and if you offer customers benefits, they are much more willing to provide information about themselves. This can create an important database and address the target group more accurately and personally.

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The result.

The digital solution has simplified many things: customers can collect loyalty points more easily, target groups can be addressed more specifically according to preferences and work processes have also been reduced.

The company has noticed that the playful design of the loyalty app in particular has been very well received. For example, visitors like to share their favorite drink or favorite music: This allows customers to playfully collect loyalty points and gives the company the perfect database to address the target group in a targeted manner.

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