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Success story | Alemannia Aachen

Digital customer loyalty in the football business.

The soccer club Alemannia Aachen has been around since December 1900, enjoys enormous popularity and has a very large fan club.
With hello again, Alemannia Aachen has increased its digital presence and is keeping pace with digitalization. This means they are setting themselves apart from the competition with innovations such as the new loyalty app.
As a result, they are constantly evolving and that was precisely the motivation behind it. But not only that, they are also offering fans more to reward their loyalty and thank them for it.
This increases their reach and sets a benchmark for traditional clubs such as Alemannia Aachen.
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This is what Alemannia Aachen has achieved with hello again.

Over 1,000

registrations in 5 hours

90 %

the user can be reached with push notifications

96 %

monthly active app users

Ticket store

implemented in the app for on the go

Philip Macherey

Head of Marketing & Sponsoring | Alemannia Aachen

Digital customer loyalty in soccer business

The app was implemented exactly as we had imagined. There was a great exchange and good cooperation with hello again! In addition, we can continue to offer better and better digital services in the future!

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

Alemannia Aachen & hello again

The solution.

Although the Alemannia Aachen soccer club has been around for a number of years, it continues to evolve with the digital transformation. The club has been consistent for a long time and, at its core, it wants to preserve this tradition. Nevertheless, it is important for him to continuously modernize the club.

Man-of-the-match selectable in the app

Alemannia Aachen uses very individual features for its own app and its fans. These features are being worked on intensively and are already proving successful. For example, a "Man of the Match" is chosen for every game. Simply select the player in the app who was the best or who you like the most and you have already cast your vote. This makes the soccer game even more interactive and entertaining for fans, increasing the fun factor and encouraging them to attend more matches.

Ticket store for on the go

With the ticket store integrated into the app, fans can buy tickets for the next game quickly and easily from the comfort of their couch at home or on the go. This not only means less work for the fans, but also for the club. Less work because fewer resources are used for ticket sales - keyword automation; and optimized processes thanks to digitalization.

Alemannia Aachen App Promo

FanTV, sponsor offers, push notifications and much more

Of course, the new app also includes the club's own FanTV. No more searching on YouTube - the club's entire channel with all videos is available in the app.

Sponsors can place offers in the app that only users can redeem. There are special offers, such as at the local gym, where fans get their first month free when they sign up and start training. It doesn't just sound great - it also works brilliantly!

Alemannia Aachen fans are now regular guests at a local restaurant. The reason for this is easy to explain: all fans get -10% off a Wiener Schnitzel. The clear dashboard also clearly shows that these offers are redeemed very frequently. This supports local businesses. Why? Quite simply, the celebrations continue after the soccer match and the surrounding pubs benefit from the fans who treat themselves to another drink (or two...) or a delicious meal.

Push notifications offer the club the opportunity to provide its fans with information at any time. So nothing important is missed, whether it's the results of matches or upcoming matches or upcoming events - fans are always well informed and right in the middle of things instead of just being there. The 90% of users who have activated push notifications show that this function is very well received and that fans want to be informed and notified.

The fan store is integrated directly into the app so that fans can kit themselves out properly for the matches. Here, fans can find headgear such as a cap with the logo of their favorite club or a matching mug for a cool drink during the game.

Publication of the app as a success factor

However, it is not only important to have a great new app, but also to promote and publicize the app in order to get as many registrations as possible.

Alemannia Aachen shows how it's done. The app was and is mainly promoted to the public via social media, but banners on the homepage and advertisements in the stadium magazine also advertise the app. There are always links to the download pages online and a QR code in print media that leads to these pages.

A lively app with lots of users and regular new content brings real added value to the fans and therefore also to the club!

Aachen Tivoli

The result.

Probably the biggest success of the soccer club is the rapid growth in registrations in the first few hours. That's right - HOURS - not days or weeks.

After just 3 hours there were 700 registrations and after 5 hours the 1,000 mark had already been broken. But it's not just the many users that show that the app has been well received, but also the incredible 96% of active users. This means that almost all registered fans also use the app regularly.

The fans are enthusiastic about the app, they think it's great that they can get all the information about new players, match results etc. very quickly thanks to the push notifications. They don't always have to look at social media or the website, but receive notifications directly.

The employees are also very happy with the new app, especially because the dashboard is so easy and intuitive to use. With the easy-to-understand new app, it is possible for Alemannia Aachen to establish it well and work with it in a meaningful way, even with manageable resources.

Alemannia Aachen - Tivoli Stadion

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