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Success Story | Figaro Uno

Customer loyalty at hairdressers: focus on the essentials at Figaro Uno

Figaro Uno wanted to focus on the essentials: fulfilling customer wishes, staying in contact with customers and thereby strengthening customer loyalty at the hairdresser. The stamp passes used to date were often associated with challenges, as customers regularly forgot or lost them.
A digital solution was needed to solve this problem, among others. They also wanted a comprehensive tool that could accurately evaluate and analyze customer behavior. Figaro Uno hairdressers also wanted to use social media to attract new customers through existing customers.
Figaro Uno Erfolgsgeschichte

Figaro Uno's achievements with hello again.

Improved communication

Communication with customers has been greatly simplified and made more efficient

Bonus system

tailored to the respective preferences of individual customers


Increase in average sales per purchase


Average visits per app user:in doubled

Hartmann Leichtfried

Managing Director | Figaro Uno

Greatly simplified contact with customers

The app now makes it easier for us to contact customers - we can set targeted rewards and see at a glance how they are being redeemed by customers.

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Success Story Details

Read through all the details of the joint app project below.

Figaro Uno & hello again

The solution.

Figaro Uno, as an innovative hairdresser, implemented a new and individual loyalty solution powered by hello again with an integrated rewards system.

The existing, classic stamp pass was replaced by a digital loyalty club in the form of an app. From now on, customers always have their "loyalty pass" with them and can collect loyalty points not only through regular visits to the hairdresser, but also through reviews and recommendations.

Two components of the innovative loyalty app solution

Simple, digital registration in the app means customers are immediately identified and Figaro Uno can now communicate with them directly. The personalized Figaro Uno app facilitates contact with customers. The hairdresser can set targeted rewards and see at a glance how and when they are redeemed by customers.

This is where the second component of the loyalty solution comes into play: the intuitive but comprehensive evaluation tool, which analyzes the purchasing behavior of customers in detail and individually and facilitates direct communication. This makes it child's play to send customers the right push message at exactly the right moment.

Targeted information on promotions and trends

Figaro Uno also uses the app to inform its customers about promotions and introduce them to new products, trends and seasons. This strengthens customer loyalty and customer confidence. Figaro Uno's magazine is also integrated into the app and provides inspiration with before/after pictures. Perfect for creating ideas for a new look - customer loyalty is strengthened.

The salons in the area can be displayed to enable customers to find Figaro Uno outside their usual location. The Figaro Uno app also plays an important role in recruitment, as it provides space to recruit customers as potential applicants.

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The result.

All in all, a perfect digital customer loyalty solution has been developed for hairdressers. Communicating directly with customers and analyzing their purchasing behavior at the same time - this is now possible with the new app and dashboard. Targeted rewards can be set based on purchasing behavior. The figures clearly show this: after the app was used diligently, the average turnover per purchase increased by 10%!

Tangible success: customer frequency doubled

Customers are regularly informed about promotions, products and much more. This also increases customer loyalty and customer trust in the company. This strengthening of the customer relationship can be seen above all in the fact that customers now visit twice as often per year as before. The frequency has therefore doubled!


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