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Success story | Gemeinde Laxenburg

Citizen service, loyalty club and information platform in one: Laxenburg, a digital town

Digitization for cities and regions? Of course! The mayor of Laxenburg has recognized the ravages of time and is jumping on the bandwagon of new technologies. Together with hello again, a digital citizen service portal was launched: The Laxenburg App!
In this day and age, there are already so many functions available on our cell phones. From contactless payment to obtaining all kinds of information via the internet. That's why Laxenburg's citizen service also had to be available on smartphones - an app with a loyalty club and much more - a digital citizen service portal was created.
Laxenburg Erfolgsgeschichte

This is what the municipality of Laxenburg has achieved with hello again.

Over 60 %

of all residents actively use the app


regional purchasing power through measures in the local area

Digital citizen service

in the form of an app


with reminders for waste collection dates and much more.

David Berl

Major of Laxenburg

Smooth process, excellent cooperation

Everything worked great, I am thrilled with the result. hello again was a great help with the implementation, it went perfectly!

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

Laxenburg & hello again

The solution.

All the benefits of the town of Laxenburg in one? No problem! With the Laxenburg app, all information about the municipality has been clearly summarized.

Information about the town at a glance. Citizens can find opening hours, for example, of the municipality or information on new changes due to the corona situation not only on the website on the Internet, but also in the digital citizen service portal.

Core features for the people of Laxenburg

Who hasn't had it happen to them? Forgot to put the garbage can out? With the app appointment calendar, this will no longer happen to Laxenburger:innen - because they will receive a timely reminder via push notifications.

Culture fans no longer have to search for long. All events in the city can be found in the app and tickets can be purchased immediately via the store.

And if you want to eat out, there is an overview of all restaurants, their opening hours and contact details.

Core element: integrated loyalty club with rewards function

A major advantage for citizens is the integrated loyalty club. They can now shop at selected businesses in the city and collect points. However, points can be earned not only for purchases, but also for registering or recommending the app to others.

Those who diligently collect points can then exchange them for many different rewards, such as free admission tickets. Purchasing power in the town is boosted.

Integration of the digital Laxenburg Card

For the integration of the digital Laxenburg Card, which grants access to the local leisure facilities and the waste collection center as well as acting as a cab card, we worked closely with the access systems company ASUT. A completely new function was developed to meet Laxenburg's requirements.

The digital citizen service portal is now available in the app as a QR code. This gives citizens access to the bathing pond, the waste collection center and the castle park, depending on the activation. Non-residents can also use the digital Laxenburg card to access the bathing pond.

Willkommen in Laxenburg

The result.

How do citizens like the digital citizen service portal including the loyalty club?

Of around 2,800 registered main residences in the municipality of Laxenburg, 1,800 already use the app regularly. Just by sending out a newsletter, more than half of these users were generated in the first few days after the app went live.

Intensive app use by Laxenburg residents

And the even greater success is the intensive use of the Laxenburg app. The loyalty club is used most frequently, but the digital Laxenburg map is hot on its heels. It's clear to see that citizens are responding very well to the new citizen service portal, including the digital card. The great rewards make them feel valued and they remain loyal to the town. All businesses benefit from the fact that this keeps purchasing power in the municipality.

Gemeinde Laxenburg Ortskern

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