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Success story | Leonding

Innovative urban development: How the municipality of Leonding is taking advantage of digitalization

Leonding - Urban development on a new level. The municipality of Leonding pursued two specific goals: On the one hand, they wanted to increase the perception of the city of Leonding beyond the city limits, and on the other hand, they wanted to strengthen purchasing power, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Instead of introducing a haptic currency such as a "Leondinger Taler", they deliberately opted for an innovative approach: a new digital solution.
Leonding was one of the first cities to recognize that the municipality would stand out through successful location development: Leonding is now not only perceived as a "place to live" - Leonding offers so much more: it is a shopping town, has top club activities, offers jobs and and and.
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This is what the municipality of Leonding has achieved with hello again.

Increasing purchasing power

thanks to the new digital loyalty club

Job exchange

for companies and citizens of Leonding

1,500 registrations

in the new app after a very short time

Almost a third

active app users

Dr. Sabine Naderer-Jelinek

Mayor of Leonding

Expectations exceeded by hello again

I am thrilled that hello again realized our ideas so well and even exceeded them!

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

Leonding & hello again

The solution.

All of these innovations were implemented with the help of an app for citizens and a control center for the city and for every entrepreneur. The urban development and location development of the municipality of Leonding were also integrated into the world of digitalization.

How do citizens benefit from the app?

In addition to the municipality's information platform, citizens can collect points with every purchase in the city of Leonding through the integrated loyalty club and redeem them for rewards. Citizens are motivated to shop regionally and are rewarded for doing so. Purchasing power in the city increases and the positive development of the location pays off.

Many other useful functions

Cab voucher function: The municipality of Leonding makes it possible to purchase cab vouchers in the app in order to take a cab more cheaply. This aspect is particularly appealing to young people. It means they can always get home safely.

Groups and chat function: Leonding has 69 clubs. The chat function allows them to share information about the club, training times or other activities with all members. It is also possible for members to communicate with each other and stay in touch, for example to see who has time for a drink after a music rehearsal.

However, the biggest benefit is probably the job exchange. Many citizens, but also companies, prefer the proximity between home and work. This allows them to stay in touch with family and friends. The job board in the new app enables even small companies to advertise themselves in the region, get noticed and thus easily find new employees.

Information source for local events

The municipality of Leonding is also known for its wide range of events. The information platform in the app therefore offers particular added value for members of the region. Whether it's tickets for the new play or information about the town and its tourism, this innovation keeps everyone up to date.

The result.

"We are delighted that the hello again solution will also benefit small and medium-sized enterprises in particular by boosting their purchasing power," says Dr. Sabine Naderer-Jelinek, Mayor of Leonding.

The citizens of Leonding are enthusiastic about the digital solution! They are busy collecting points and exchanging rewards. Businesses are also benefiting from the high level of use and purchasing power has increased sustainably.

Benefits for the municipality, businesses, clubs and citizens

Another key success is the stronger cooperation between the business community and the municipality. The app, but above all the job exchange, has led to better contact and cohesion. The clubs have also benefited: It is very clear to see that the clubs have been able to attract more members from their own locality. The new club members are immediately actively involved in club life thanks to the great chat function.

The digital solution reveals the diversity of the Leonding region, generates more sales for regional companies and provides added value for citizens through great information and the new loyalty club.

Susanne Steckerl

Managing Director Agency and Economy | Municipality of Leonding

Strengthened location through closer cooperation

Cooperation with Leonding's business community has become much stronger thanks to the app. The city and business have grown closer together.

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