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Success story | Mainglück

Innovative customer loyalty in the fashion industry.

In 2015, Sandra Lemmich fulfilled her dream of opening her own fashion boutique, "Mainglück", in the heart of Würzburg. What are the best words to describe the boutique? — Individual, different & emotional!
The aim was to create an innovative and modern image hand in hand with hello again. Previously, Sandra had neither a customer club nor a customer card for her customer loyalty. This needed to be changed quickly, in line with the motto "individual and different".
With hello again, Sandra found the perfect solution to create an innovative image for her customer loyalty rather than the traditional way. Standing out from the competition and being innovative — that's what Mainglück wanted to achieve!
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Mainglück has achieved this with hello again.

1,800 user

within 4 weeks

5 star

average app review

85 %

active app users

Digital receipt

for app users

Sandra Lemmich

CEO | Mainglück

Innovative customer loyalty in fashion retail

I didn't want the 100th customer card, but an innovative, modern image and to stand out from the competition — that's what I achieved with the app!

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Details of the success story

Read the details of the joint app project below.

Mainglück & hello again

The solution.

With hello again, Sandy dares to take a step away from the outdated approach to customer loyalty. Although she normally shies away from technical topics, the simplicity of the app has shown her how uncomplicated innovative customer loyalty can be. Customers can now enjoy all the benefits of the app and the company Mainglück receives customer data that enables a direct line to its customers.

Mainglück starts right at the beginning with one of the most innovative features. Picking up bills and scanning QR codes is a thing of the past - today it's all automatic. Shop and collect points along the way without having to invest time or effort. Customers scan their customer number at the checkout and the points earned from their purchase are automatically credited to their account.

But that's not all - a digital receipt is also stored in the app. This means that it is no longer necessary to print out an invoice, so the feature is not only practical and simple, but also sustainable.

But how does the new feature make life easier for the company?

Customers are asked for their customer number at the checkout, another point of contact where the Mainglück app is used. Employees interact and promote the Mainglück app, the latest promotions and other new features such as the upcoming online store. As a result, communication with customers does not fall asleep and an additional channel is created to strengthen customer loyalty.

Thanks to automation, only the customer number needs to be scanned and there is no effort or time delay for the customer. So even if customers are under stress, this is no reason to stop collecting points. Another aspect that makes innovative customer loyalty easier.

Simplicity - this also appeals to the older generation.

Mainglück Mode

Digital receipts and personal messages

Searching for invoices because your customers want to complain about an item of clothing? Not with the digital receipts that are clearly stored in the app. Mainglück customers can keep track of everything and can exchange a dress at any time without having to search for the invoice.

Pick up each customer individually with the app. The possibilities for addressing customers as a company are almost limitless. Mainglück can communicate with people directly on a first-name basis. Not only that - personal messages on birthdays or holidays are also possible. Promotions, vouchers or push notifications can also be sent, completely customized to the customer.

Reviews made easy

You can also submit in-app reviews, which allows customers to rate Mainglück with stars. Good ratings are essential to generate trust and credibility. They are also an essential component of a successful app. This also motivates new potential customers to take a look at the company. However, not only an in-app rating is possible, but also direct forwarding for a Google rating. If the app is rated with 4 or 5 stars, the customer is forwarded directly to the Google review, where they can hopefully rate the company again.

Mainglück Würzburg

The result.

In just 4 weeks, Mainglück was able to generate almost 1,800 users, but how?

The company is doing it perfectly: to celebrate its 7th anniversary, every new user received a 17% voucher in the first few weeks after the app launch! Nobody is going to miss out on that.

The new app is also being sold in stores. Does a customer not yet have the app? - No problem. Mainglück has Wi-Fi and the app can be downloaded immediately. In addition, customers are immediately reminded at the checkout to either download the app or open it straight away to avoid long waiting times at the till.

Conclusion of the Mainglück app

Young or old, it doesn't matter - everyone is enthusiastic about the app. In order to appeal to the younger target group, it is important to develop further, move with the times and try out new approaches. With the hello again app, Mainglück is moving in exactly the right direction. It is also perfect for the older generation as it is so easy to use. Mainglück itself also helps here. For people who are a little overwhelmed with the technology at first, everything is explained to them very simply and in some cases even the calling up and scanning of the customer number is taken care of. This further strengthens customer loyalty.

Mainglück Storefront

Sandra Lemmich

CEO | Mainglück

Innovative customer loyalty in fashion retail

The ease of understanding makes the function so appealing. Even my 75-year-old mother understands the app and thinks it's great not to have to keep the bills anymore.

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