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Customer Loyalty

How customer loyalty works in the 21st century

Get an overview of how effective customer retention measures can take your company from simple satisfaction to genuine loyalty to actually increasing the loyalty of regular customers. Strengthen your customer relationship now!


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Customer Loyalty

The most important instruments of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is more important than ever. But what kind of customer loyalty tools are available today? And how should they be used?

Customer Loyalty

5 effective tips to increase your customer loyalty

In this blog post, you will find out which adjustments you need to make in order to successfully increase your customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

Measuring customer loyalty: The most important KPIs at a glance

Many companies face the challenge of effectively measuring the success of customer loyalty. Is this even possible?

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Customer acquisition: Everything you need to know

If you don't know how to find new customers, you won't have anyone to retain later on - a well thought-out customer approach with targeted measures to acquire new customers is therefore essential in order to survive in today's market environment.


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Customer Acquisition

The 5 most effective customer acquisition methods

The 5 most effective customer acquisition methods to lead your company to success: Find out how content marketing, SEO & co. can help!

Customer Acquisition

Maintaining existing customers vs. acquiring new customers: which is more important?

Concentrate on acquiring new customers or maintaining existing ones? A key decision for every company!

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Customer Acquisition

High customer acquisition costs vs. retaining existing customers?

Accepting high customer acquisition costs or retaining existing customers? The key differences at a glance.

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Customer Communication

Customer communication: How to reach your customers easily and efficiently

Good and efficient customer communication is a prerequisite for successful digital customer loyalty. There are many ways to reach your customers.

You can speak to them in person at the store, send them a newsletter, communicate information via social media channels, send text messages or push notifications or use other below- or above-the-line marketing tools - customer communication is very diverse!


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Customer communication

Customer communication via smartphone: address customers directly

Reach your customers more effectively by sending push notifications directly to the most important communication device of our time - their smartphone.

Customer communication

Obtain customer feedback: The key to continuous improvement

In this article, we explain why customer feedback is so important for your company and how you can use it effectively to outperform the competition.

Customer communication

Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn & Xing

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram & Co. have made it easier to make contacts and have greatly changed interpersonal communication - including LinkedIn & Xing.

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Customer value: How much are your customers really worth to you?

Every customer has a value for your company. This is the contribution of individual customers that brings you one step closer to achieving your company's goal. Loyal customers are crucial for high customer value.


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Customer Value

Customer orientation: How to create a bond with your customers

Customer centricity is often easier said than done. If customer orientation, also known as customer centricity, is on your agenda, then you've come to the right place.

Customer Value

Step by step: Multi-level customer loyalty programmes

Companies that recognise our needs can use the effect of dopamine to make their customer loyalty programmes more attractive.

Customer Value

Purchase decision process: Concept of the 5 "Mys"

Technological developments are rapid and are changing the purchasing decision process and, above all, the way we communicate, work, learn and live.

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Digital customer loyalty: Welcome to the Internet age

Digitalisation is advancing and with it the relevance of digital customer loyalty is increasing rapidly. In the digital information age, customers have long been using a wide variety of devices on many new channels, whether in the B2B or B2C sector. The internet is the central element here.

Trust also plays an important role in digital customer relationships. It is not only important to know the customer inside out, but also to listen to what they have to say.


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Imagepic Smartphone

App marketing: facts about the mobile age

Companies need to adapt to mobile digital technologies such as an app and preferred consumer behaviour - preferably quickly and effectively.


Tips for mobile customer loyalty: Do's and don'ts

Consumers' habits and expectations have changed in all areas of life. Adapt to this change with your company.


Hype or actually something: blockchain for loyalty programmes

Blockchain creates more transparency than many other loyalty point programmes. But what is actually behind this technology and where are the limits?

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Sustainability benefits of digital loyalty programmes

Digital customer loyalty programmes are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only practical for customers, but also more sustainable than conventional plastic cards.

Nachhaltigkeit - Going Digital

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Sustainability at hello again: Our cooperation with Glacier

Sustainability for start-ups: Glacier is a climate start-up from Austria with the vision of bringing climate action to every company.

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Goodbye plastic card - 18 March: Today is World Recycling Day!

Credit card, petrol card, loyalty card - do you really need so many cards? Switch to digital customer loyalty now.

Nachhaltigkeit - Going Digital

Sustainability benefits through digital loyalty programmes

Digital customer loyalty programmes are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only practical for customers, but also more sustainable than conventional plastic cards.

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hello again - customer loyalty made easy

hello again is your partner for customized apps and web implementations for digital customer loyalty and individual communication. Reach your customers anytime & anywhere - directly on their smartphone, increase your sales through higher shopping baskets & customer frequency and win new customers through your satisfied regular customers.

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Franz Tretter im Blickpunkt
Hello again

Spotlight: Franz Tretter

Franz Tretter, founder and CEO, on the vision and mission of hello again and how the product works.

Hello Again

DONI 2023 - The "Day of New Ideas"

The "Day of New Ideas", or DONI for short, is more than just a workshop or brainstorming day. Read about our team's innovative ideas here!

Quereinstieg SDR - Bettina Grieb
Hello Again

Career Change: Starting in Sales/SDR

Bettina Grieb worked as a hairdresser for over 20 years until she took the plunge and started working in internal sales at hello again.

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